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How to understand that a black streak has come in the life of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic and cheerful signs of the zodiac. The fiery fidget is like a perpetual motion machine – he is always cheerful and happy with life. But black stripes are found even among such frantic optimists. And in the case of Sagittarius, this is immediately noticeable, because he literally becomes a different person. By what signs can you determine an unlucky period in the life of a fiery creature, find out from our material.

Sign 1 – No adventures!

If Sagittarius has stopped inviting you to parties, does not offer to break loose and leave for the night, and does not even call you to just sit in a cafe for an hour or two, then this is a very serious reason to think. Astrologers not to think for a long time, but immediately ask directly what happened to the fiery poor fellow. After all, a person who cannot live without adventures would not refuse them so easily. And God forbid you to bother Sagittarius during such a period – yes, he is depressed, even if it seems absurd.

Sign 2 – Responsibility yes!

Sagittarius makes important independent decisions and sits smartly in business negotiations. Yes, this is impossible, but it happened – if a black streak has already come, you need to take the maximum from it. And do boring routine things so as not to waste time.

Sign 3 – Dreams of silence

Sagittarius does not laugh, does not tell jokes, does not call with the latest news. Sagittarius firmly sat down at home and just looks at his phone, sometimes forgetting even to swipe his finger across the screen. And what’s interesting there? And there is a sad meme – it looks like a sad pet of Jupiter. And in general – leave me alone, do not climb into the soul and let a person think about the meaning of life in a quiet and calm environment.

Sign 4 – Craving for order

Sagittarius decided to tidy up. And if you caught a Sagittarius cleaning, know that the very one has come in his life … well, you understand. And you don’t need to offer your help – Sagittarius suffers and must overcome everything on his own. And you go get some goodies. Although stand, do not go – Sagittarius was offended by the whole world and went on a hunger strike.

Sagittarius is an eternal merry fellow and joker. And if you notice at least one of the four listed signs, sound the alarm. And save the fiery creature, but in such a way that Sagittarius does not guess anything.

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