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Why Cancer Raku is the enemy

Luna’s pets cannot stay in the same shell for long. And, it would seem, why is this so, because who can understand you better than someone like you? Alas, in the case of Cancers, this does not work. They may even scatter across different continents, but they will still hate each other fiercely until the end of their days, even if they never meet again.


Knowledgeable people say that Cancers are one of those people who will not flicker to the last, in other words, they will not flaunt themselves, even if in the depths of their watery soul they ardently desire fame. It is much easier for them to come to terms with the success of Taurus, Libra, or anyone else, but not their own kind. That is, how is it? Some Cancer got lucky and I didn’t? Where is justice, – the ward of the Moon exclaims, furiously stamping his foot. So it definitely won’t work. Remember: Cancer will never rejoice in the success of another Cancer.

They will envy and plot revenge. And then you see – some kind of Cancer was lucky, but I’m still broke? Do not be this. The competition will be fierce, and water enemies will not compromise.


Cancerians rarely expect good things from life, and even more so, they do not expect anything good from those who are the same as they are – they know everything about themselves. And if one of the “relatives” has risen according to the horoscope, then be in trouble – Cancers will put sticks in the wheels of these lucky ones and in the end they will achieve justice, that is, they will punish the enemy so that they do not become conceited.


Two “offended” side by side – this is something with something. Cancers are emotional and react sharply to criticism. Ideal conditions for a water feud – we will quarrel, be offended and we will never put up. Cancer will hold a grudge and hate the enemy. And knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy, you can be at enmity forever.

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Astrologers warn that Cancers do not belong to themselves when the lunar phases change – they do not know what they will do in a minute. And even more so, they do not know what other Cancers will do – maybe it’s better to stay away from each other? And it’s fun to “fight” at a distance, splashing out irritation and negative emotions.

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The similarity of the elements is not a reason to have warm feelings for each other. And Cancers, instead of being friends, begin to measure depth – whose lake is deeper, he won. Stupid? But there is a chance to drown the enemy.

There is nothing surprising in this confrontation. Cancerians are too similar – not enough to get along, but enough to become implacable enemies. Or maybe the wards of the Moon do not like to see their shortcomings in someone – it’s better to destroy this someone.

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