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The investigation is underway: How to calculate the mistress of a Scorpio man by 4 signs

In order to bring to light the Scorpio man, who suddenly turned “left”, you will have to conduct a real investigation. From the very beginning, you need to study in detail the behavior and character of Scorpio himself, and only then smoothly move on to the suddenly drawn sweetheart.

Do not forget that Pluto’s ward is, of course, a secretive guy, but no one is safe from mistakes.

Feature 1: Domination

Considering that a man born under the sign of Scorpio is used to playing exclusively “roles” of the first plan, then his mistress will definitely be from the “extras”. But you just don’t need to act openly, conducting a poll among all the girls he knows – that way you definitely won’t achieve anything.

The astrologers show a little ingenuity and are extremely attentive: observation is the main feeling that you should be guided by. You can see the languid look of the secretary, which she secretly throws at the handsome Scorpio, or one of your friends suddenly smiles ambiguously after him. It is worth paying close attention to those persons who do not seek to stand out from the crowd. After all, Scorpions are one of those men for whom a rich inner world is much more interesting than external gloss and tinsel. He is not one of those who choose “goodies” by throwing himself at a bright wrapper.

Feature 2: Craving for Variety

The water guy knows how to hide his desires. But you have long understood that he hates monotony. And if you, for example, are a blonde, you need to look for a mistress among brunettes.

No, all black-haired people do not need to tear out their hair. There is another factor – if you are thin, then she will be a lady in the body. So take a closer look at the girl who is the complete opposite of you.

Feature 3: Mysterious

Oh, Scorpio has no equal in this – he is drawn to magic like a magnet. Scorpio is greedy for everything unusual and mysterious. So it is likely that your opponent calls herself a third-generation witch, a tarot card specialist, or, at worst, a clairvoyant.

Feature 4: Tendency to nostalgia

Do you often find a Scorpio looking at photos from ten years ago? And one photo flashes most often? And who we have there – a cute girl with pigtails. Pluto, patronizing Scorpio, often returns his pet to the past.

And the girl from the photo has grown up a long time ago and is part of your family as a childhood friend – get rid of her quickly, but carefully.

And so you figured out your mistress and found out who wants to get your Scorpio. You already have experience in collecting information, it remains to find dirt on this woman, open Scorpio’s eyes and return him to the bosom of the family. Or don’t return – it’s up to you to decide.

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