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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Anger Vulnerable Cancers

Impressionable and vulnerable, modest and even timid – this is the impression Cancers make. But these calm water creatures can lose their temper, break their shells, … so that everyone knows where they hibernate.

Why is it not necessary to anger the wards of the Moon? The stars found 4 reasons.

Reason 1. Resentment

Astrologers that even if Cancers are offended, they can joke, smile, and even communicate with their offenders as if nothing had happened, while skillfully masking real feelings. Even if they are in pain, they will not trumpet it on every corner, because the pain will become a kind of foundation for construction. Angry Cancer people will ask in surprise, what can water creatures build?

The answer lies on the surface – of course, a plan for revenge. No, it will not be lightning fast – Cancers, like no one else, know that it is important to guess the moment because knowledgeable people say that revenge will certainly be served cold. And while time goes by, Cancers will quietly build their own Universe, where there is neither forgiveness nor mercy, but only a terrible punishment prepared for the offenders.

Reason 2. Infantilism

You don’t take candy from children, do you? So why did you offend the cute and affectionate Cancers? These are eternal children. And now they will depict raging babies.

Plug your ears, close your eyes, and better tie your shoelaces tight so that the boots do not fly off when you run away from the pets of the Moon, who have fallen into childhood and are angry.

Reason 3. Boomerang Law

This law does not always work, but in the case of Cancers, there are no failures. Angry? Keep an answer. And get ready for the fact that the blow will be much stronger than the one you delivered.

By the way, you will not even understand where you flew from. Fate itself is on the side of Cancers. Well, the Moon, will not give offense to their pets.

Reason 4. Empathy

Cancers are super sensitive guys. If you feel bad, they sob, if someone nearby is having fun, they laugh. But it also works in reverse. Have you angered the water creatures? Feel everything that Cancers felt: they will be able to convey to you the whole range of their negative emotions. And they will add more so that you no longer have the thought of angering Luna’s cute pets.

Only very stupid or very brave people can anger Cancers. After all, what adequate person will contact secretive and dangerous Cancers? Wards of the Moon themselves do not know how they will react to someone else’s aggression. Eh, it’s better for you not to know either.

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