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What does a temperamental Aries man regret after marriage?

The Aries man knows exactly what he wants. And he will not run to the registry office at the behest of his heart – no, he will think everything over and weigh it. After all, the pet of Mars wants to become happy. And we will be. But even this enterprising guy has punctures. And one day, Aries gets depressed and remembers his bachelor life. What does the fiery poor fellow regret?


Oh, there used to be times! – Aries sighs and remembers how he enjoyed dumplings at two in the morning or ran for chips to a convenience store. Now you have to pretend pleasure and joy, pretending that you love joint dinners and breakfasts.

And the wife of Aries should think about why her chosen one eats her borscht with such a displeased face. Maybe he just wants to pour the stupid red soup down the sink and run off to the pizzeria, and then eat all the ice cream? Or arrange an evening in the company of pasta with sausages, and not choke on healthy vegetable salads and without oil.

Novels on the side

Life kills – this is known to every man. Aries does not care about other married guys, he suffers more than others. The wife bothers the fiery guy a month after visiting the registry office.

And he regrets that he broke off relations with that pretty neighbor. He suffers that he deleted the number of a pretty classmate. He is tormented by the fact that he cannot flirt with a saleswoman from a neighboring store (suddenly she will pawn?).


Friends-buddies have not gone anywhere, and Aries periodically bucks and disappears for several days from family life. But it’s not that, it’s not that. Because now he will feel guilty.

He drinks beer, and thinks about his wife, who will take out the brain. He fishes, and in his thoughts the broken taps in the bathroom are spinning, because they still have to be done. Mars’ pet will never be the same as before – carefree and cheerful. Yes, and the comrades turned into some dull and serious uncles.


There are crumbs on the bed, socks on the floor, wisps of dust under the sofa – beauty. And no one gets: Aries, clean up, Aries vacuumed. But the love of disorder is a thing of the past. And the fiery family man is looking for things under the armchair, forgetting that for some reason they were neatly hung in the closet.

The Aries man does not become a gloomy and angry husband. He does not turn into a despot and a tyrant. It’s just that sometimes Aries is nostalgic and slowly hates his wife – she still won’t know about it.

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