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5 scars that even a fleeting romance with Scorpio will leave

It happened – you conquered Scorpio (or he you, it doesn’t matter). Relations develop rapidly, but one day Scorpio says: “Darling, thank you for everything, but our meeting was a mistake.” Keep a handkerchief, and the number of scars on the heart and soul left as a keepsake can not be counted – there are five of them.

Scar 1: The earth is empty without him

As soon as the fiery handsome man leaves your life, it will seem that even the sun does not shine so brightly. After all, he literally filled your universe with light and energy, thanks to his frenzied charisma and inner strength. But this does not mean that you need to grieve and grieve – after all, the element of Scorpio is water, but in his case, this is not a life-giving spring, but a rumbling and ruthless waterfall. You could not feed on it for a long time, and to understand this, try pouring a bucket of cold water on yourself – perhaps this will make you feel a little better.

Scar 2: I’m Lost

Scorpio managed in a short time to inspire that without him you are nothing of yourself. And in general – a creature unadapted to life. So something, and this Scorpio knows how to eat the soul and, smiling full, leave in an unknown direction. The patron planet of Scorpio is not in vain named after the ruler of the underworld – Pluto is to blame for everything.

Scar 3: Where is self-esteem hidden? And there she is, under the plinth

Yes, congratulations, your self-esteem has gone down. But Scorpio is not on purpose – the man is too charismatic, and against his background, any person seems small and insignificant. This scar is removed with love and care. But the trail will still remain. And how to restore balance after a toxic relationship, we wrote in detail here .

Scar 4: Humiliated and Insulted

Scorpio behaved like a real gentleman, but after he leaves you feel spat on. But he did not offend you with a gesture or a word. The explanation for this is the simplest – Scorpio is a magnetic personality and, leaving you alone, he accidentally (or maybe intentionally) tore out a piece of the heart. A wedge with a wedge will not work here – it is almost impossible to fill this void.

Scar 5: I don’t trust anyone, I won’t tell anyone

Many women after breaking up with Scorpio fall into severe depression. And they are afraid to start new relationships – after all, there are no more people like Pluto’s ward. And in general, all men now seem to be liars and traitors. And ladies in love do not want to share their experiences – they are worried that, having spoken out, they will get rid of memories. But memory is the only thing left of Scorpio.

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