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4 weaknesses of windy Sagittarians that constantly lead them astray

We enjoy every moment of life! Sagittarius exclaim and get into trouble. Then they brush themselves off and move on with a smile. Fireboys don’t give a damn, but they fail too. What weaknesses prevent Sagittarians from achieving their goals?

Weakness 1. Restlessness

The astrologers say that the main motto in life for Sagittarius is why think if you can go (run) and do it? And now they are already flying, sweeping away everything in their path, to do great things. The only thing is that their route is ornate and changes all the time because there are so many interesting things along the way.

In the end, Sagittarians themselves forget where and why they are running, but in this eternal pursuit they are constantly carried away by something else. And it would be nice, but not really – luck was so close.

Weakness 2. Bragging

Sagittarians love to lie and embellish. And the most interesting thing is that they believe in their fantasies. Well, when they are revealed, Sagittarius becomes sad – such a legend was spoiled.

And fiery boasters begin to prove to people that they did not lie and did not compose. And they really are such heroes, winners and generally cooler than anyone in the world. What about the meaning? Yes, there is no point, and Sagittarius again lost their way and are rushing wherever their eyes look.

Weakness 3. Absent-mindedness

Curious fiery creatures dream of learning about everything in the world. But they are not able to keep a lot of information in their heads. As a result, Sagittarians lose important documents and are late for business meetings…

And who will deal with irresponsible individuals? Deals are broken, and agreements are violated. And Sagittarians innocently smile and shrug their hands – well, it happened.

Weakness 4. Lovingness

Sagittarians do not control themselves when they see a beautiful creature of the opposite sex. They forget about business, promises, family, work… they just turn off the mind and live with emotions.

And let them be fired and kicked out of the house. And let them have their cards blocked – there are hearts in their eyes, butterflies in their stomachs. The road is covered with dust, and Sagittarians are still running after a dream, not realizing that they have lost something important.

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