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3 signs of the zodiac whose most vivid emotions are just a wrapper

It happens that you see a cheerful and cheerful person in front of you and you understand that he is pretending. And it happens that you hear admiring speeches, and an inner voice screams: “this is a lie.” Who are these zodiac hypocrites, and why do they need false emotions – do they really not experience anything at all, and they have to constantly pretend?


Hence their constant change of mood: today Gemini is a joker and an entertainer, and tomorrow – seriousness and consciousness itself, and what will happen next – even the representative of this sign himself cannot answer. And by the way, if it’s completely clean, then he can hardly answer what kind of Gemini he really is. It is possible that he does not feel anything at all, or vice versa, he hides such demons inside that it is scary to even think about. So he hides behind a beautiful wrapper, pretending that he is an interesting conversationalist and a wonderful sympathetic and sensitive person.


So right, so perfect and perfect. And how Virgos laugh, even if the joke you told has grown a huge beard. I wonder why earthly guys play the role of a cheerful person? Probably, Virgos need something from you. But don’t be fooled by those big smiles, and the cheerful, contagious laugh is all fake. It would be better if the Virgins directly said that they don’t care at all – this is closer to the truth


Pisces clap their hands and in every possible way portray the delight of your talent – well, why do they need this hypocrisy? And then, so that you do not blacklist Rybok. After all, the wards of Neptune are very modest, they try to please you and want to be “like everyone else”, so they “sculpt” happy masks of sociable guys on their faces. And behind this beautiful wrapper is Pierrot – sad, thoughtful and sad. And if you dig deeper, you can find another mask, and then another one – Pisces specifically barricaded themselves so that no one would guess what they really are.

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