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5 reasons not to fall in love with a Scorpio man

Well, why are you whining and scolding Scorpio – after all, girlfriends said: do not fall in love. And the reasons that indicate that this hobby can be dangerous are serious – girls, hide, Scorpio is coming.

Reason 1: an ever-active volcano

The astrologers of come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to resist the charm of Scorpio , so the girls fly to the fire of his soul like moths. They fly and burn their wings, naively believing that they can certainly change him. But alas, each of his new passions thinks so, and each of them is mistaken. After all, Scorpio adheres to a different strategy – he collects broken hearts, and having hidden them more securely, he switches to another young lady. But do not be sad – you will definitely take a worthy place in his collection.

Reason 2: Manipulator

You can behave perfectly, but still not please Scorpio. Now he is charming and affectionate, and in a second he will turn into a tyrant. And gladly lower your self-esteem – not out of malice, but simply to dispel boredom. A woman caught in the net of Scorpio will always feel guilty – he is a master of manipulation.

Reason 3: power lover is his middle name

He will never be on the sidelines. And if you’re into this water boy, try to escape before you fall in love. Then it will be too late – you will gladly bring slippers to Scorpio and follow his orders. Yes, yes – with joy and delight.

Reason 4: Othello is resting

Scorpio is possessive. And if you have already managed to fall in love, get ready: there will be scenes of jealousy daily, hourly, every minute. Scorpio will be jealous, even if not in love – well, “so that it is.” And never, you hear, will never let you go to a party with your friends, if there is even the slightest suspicion. And he always has them.

Reason 5: selfish

Scorpio first of all thinks about himself, and secondly too. While Scorpio is well, you will also be satisfied with life, but then get ready to collect the fragments of your wounded soul. And do not try to snatch Scorpio from the heart after parting – he settled there forever.

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