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4 reasons not to cross the path of a patient Libra

Libras are perhaps the most peaceful representatives of the zodiac circle. They do not like conflicts and always try to find a compromise solution. But even these patient guys lose their temper when someone tries to stop them. Want to check it out? Forward! But first, learn about the reasons why you should not get in the way of the pets of Venus.

Reason 1. Capricious

Astrologers warn that more than anything, Libra does not like it when their plans are violated. And you not only dared to intervene in them, but also trampled on the intended shining “path” with your huge legs! Well, it’s your own fault – now be prepared to hear a good hundred or two of not the most flattering comments addressed to you.

And yes, these will not be just comments – Libra will make every effort to make you feel like a nonentity who allowed himself to show up in their life path. By the way, it is useless to dodge the dishes flying at you – they will still reach the goal.

Reason 2. Irresponsible

Surprised? Still, after all, everyone is used to seeing Libra as obligatory and disciplined creatures. That’s how it is, but only the wards of Venus hate when they are pressured and forced to make decisions. They choose when and what to decide. In general, Libras prefer to wait until everything works out by itself. And here you are with your stupid initiative. Libra will take revenge and let you down at the right time – they asked for it.

Reason 3. Vengeful

Have you violated their harmonious world? Libra will never forgive you for this. Don’t be afraid, Venus pets won’t hire a hitman. And in general they are not vindictive, but white and fluffy. But you can forget about a quiet life. And what kind of life is it, next to the angry air guys? Yes, miserable existence.

Reason 4. Love

Libras are loving guys. Yes, yes, they love … themselves very much. And if you dare to doubt the airy perfection, then you will not be in trouble. Well, if you imagine yourself immortal, and risk getting into Libra’s relationship, and even seduced their soul mate, no one will help you. Air owners will drive you under the plinth.

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