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What ailments are you prone to, depending on your zodiac sign

The zodiac takes on a new oracle value, thanks to the fact that we can analyze health risk factors and possible weaknesses in accordance with what the stars are telling us. Each sign corresponds to a specific area of the body, which generally corresponds to the ailments to which we are prone.


Aries corresponds to the head and the brain. This means any injury or disease that affects the organs contained in the skull, hemorrhages, vascular or cranio-cerebral accidents. Agitation or a too brutal and alert rhythm of movement are not favorable to Aries.


If you are a Taurus, the areas of the body that correspond to this sign are the neck, nape, ears, nose. This makes you prone to colds and flus, as well as possible gum or dental problems.


Lungs, speech and smell belong to twins. Respiratory system problems or conditions are common among Geminis, as well as deep colds or respiratory allergies.


The skin is the correspondent of the sign Cancer. Possible ailments you can suffer from are dermatitis, skin allergies, pigmentation or sensitivity reactions to various cosmetic products.


Blood, blood system and possible circulatory problems return to Leo. From varicose veins to hypertension, the Leo will always be prone to ailments of the circulatory system.


Virgo is ruled by the stomach and large intestine. A Virgo is prone to gastric reflux, gastritis, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders.
Food plays an important role for a Virgo.


Libra corresponds to the small intestine and the excretory system, as well as the metabolism. If a Libra has health problems, it most likely means constipation or diarrhea, colon irritations, or a slow metabolism.


The genital area and the hormonal system correspond to Scorpio, and the functional disorders that it can go through involve anything from too little or too much sexual appetite, sexually transmitted diseases, or hormonal disorders.


Sagittarius rules the eyes and vision. A Sagittarius will often wear glasses, complain of eye fatigue or irritation, migraines involving the eyeball, conjunctivitis.


Capricorn is fragile when it comes to bones. It is prone to fractures, bone pain, dislocations, back pain or hernias.


Aquarius stretches on the hands and feet. He is sensitive to movement – bumps, injuries or muscle atrophy, especially if he leads an active life where he also encounters risks.


Pisces corresponds to the nervous system and reflexes. Therefore, if you are a Pisces, you may have spasms, nervous disorders, depression.

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