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Why are you always unhappy, depending on your zodiac sign

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Sometimes our states of discontent are inherited from the planets. There is not much we can do if we accept that our nature and our moods are influenced by the stars. But we can try to understand and prevent these moments.


You are unhappy because sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. You are an idealist and a fighter and you will do everything in your power to see your dream come true. You can’t be happy until you accept that even you have limits.


You are unhappy because you always want to be right. It’s hard for you to accept other people’s faults, let alone your own. If you are not in an advantageous position, it will nag you more than other problems.


You don’t like feeling misunderstood at all. Because you dream of a world where everyone gets along and tolerates each other in complete harmony, every time someone is not on the same wavelength as you, you will suffer.


You fret when you think you’ll never find the love and appreciation you deserve. You are an incurable romantic and a realist, and you get upset when life brings up situations that create discomfort for you, primarily on an emotional level.


Your dissatisfaction stems from the fear of losing everything you’ve worked for. Whether we’re talking about money or fearing the loss of your physical integrity, a relationship, or a lifestyle, you shudder at the thought of becoming poor, lonely, or deprived of the benefits you’ve grown accustomed to.
And for which, of course, you worked.


It’s perfectionism that stands in the way of your contentment. You always need to be in control and are greatly affected by sudden changes or unplanned interruptions. You want life to be a long, smooth and peaceful road.

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You are unhappy because you fear that people might judge you based on your vulnerabilities. That’s why you keep your emotions to yourself and always try to keep up appearances. The thought that the world might see your flaws can also give you nightmares.


The drama begins with you when you notice that nothing lasts forever. You put enormous pressure on relationships, friendships, professional collaborations. In practically every aspect of your life. You get sad when people don’t keep up with your standards.


Your idealism and constant longing for the Duke give you a lot of trouble. Because you have always wanted more and more space for expression and the context to enjoy the beauty of life, you hardly accept situations that bore you or burden you.


For you, the greatest dissatisfaction comes from stepping outside your comfort zone. You’d rather be a kind of Peter Pan forever and enjoy all kinds of improbable adventures without having to make any real effort for what you feel like having or getting.


You are sad when you remember that your humanitarian ideas are not really reflected in real life. You idealize yourself and tend to intellectualize your feelings, your goals, and life in general. Because of this, you often feel lonely or unhappy. When you’re in your element, it’s your world. When you don’t, you feel like you’re crossing the desert.


Paradoxically, your dissatisfaction comes from the same source, but it goes in two directions: loneliness is what makes you unhappy, but it also gives you the strength you need to exist. You are in a permanent contradiction between how you would like to be and how you actually are, sometimes you want too much, sometimes too little, sometimes you panic, sometimes you isolate yourself, sometimes you want to express yourself better.

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