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How you are as a mother, according to your zodiac sign

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Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign influences how you parent your child? You can now find out what your strengths are and where there is still room for improvement!


Brave, confident and realistic, you inspire your child to be strong. The fact that you are fearless means a lot to the development of a teenager without complexes and fears. But be careful when it comes to competitiveness, when you can become selfish, angry or obsessive.


Thanks to your zodiac sign, you are a stable, delicate, hardworking being. All these qualities reflect on the education you give your child. But don’t get stuck in indulgences, avoid materialism and protect your child from the mood swings you sometimes go through.


Gemini mothers are creative, original, curious and always young, regardless of age. Your child thoroughly enjoys your open attitude, but may get angry at your lack of patience, your inconsistency, or because you don’t respect his boundaries.
Be careful how you listen to your child. Don’t turn discussions into your monologue.


You overwhelm your child with affection! You are a devoted and sensitive mother who knows how to create the feeling of comfort. You must be careful, however, of the feelings of jealousy and possessiveness that try you as your child grows, as you must also temper your native fear. You don’t have to shield your child from the lessons he needs to learn from life alone.


Mother Leo is strong, daring, playful. As a “pack” leader, he plays his role wonderfully. Excess energy can overwhelm your child, who you sometimes risk exposing to too much drama or an unconstructive optimist. Compensate with the confidence you instill in her.


Your strengths that your child will follow are intellect, organization and rigor. Your healthy habits will create a harmonious environment for him. Beware of the tendency to over-analyze things and don’t judge your child as harshly as you are used to judging yourself.

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You are a strong mother, full of endurance and will. Your intuition will create an easy communication between you and your junior. If you control your paranoia and occasional emotional unavailability, it’s all great. Try to let go of the need for control.


You are a refined person, with good taste and full of patience. Your child will enjoy a wonderful presence in his life. But you have to protect him from your vanity, which sometimes turns into snobbery. Control the way you express your feelings and dose your energy.


Your wisdom combines with your characteristic humor in a very healthy cocktail. As the adventurous type with broad perspectives, you will inspire your child to dream and enrich their imagination. Lack of patience and exaggerated spontaneity can annoy your child, whom you have to take care of. Your direct style can also hurt him.


Your strictness and respect for healthy values ​​and principles cannot fail to bear fruit in your child’s education. Don’t go overboard with traditionalism, eliminate pessimism and the need to control, and focus on your structured and organized style to set a wonderful role model in life for your child.


You are a fair mother, neither too strict nor too loose. You are full of life and open to new things, which your child will appreciate regardless of age. Try not to be too permissive or detached though. Also, be sure to respect your child’s boundaries.


You are a devoted, loving, compassionate and dreamy mother. What you need to watch out for is the feeling of guilt that can come over you the moment you see your little one doing something wrong, as well as the instability given by your sign. He’ll probably appreciate your quirks when he grows up, but don’t overdo it.

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