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His way of lying, according to his zodiac sign

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Whether he’s lying because he has something to hide or just to protect you, his zodiac sign can reveal it in front of you!


Taurus are the most stubborn and prefer to do things their way. That means they would do anything, even if it means lying, to get what they want.


Geminis are mischievous and love to be the center of attention. They have a rich and wild imagination, so that they can do their whims and people believe them. They are so good at lying that you can’t easily figure out their intentions.


Loyal and caring, Cancer will only lie to protect someone. For them, lying is more of a way to make sure that everything is fine, even if it isn’t at all.


Leos like the attention of the people around them. So, when he tells something, he could start from a truth, but a very exaggerated one. The more stunned they are by their audience, the more frequent their lies will become.


Virgo doesn’t really lie. She considers the moment when she might be caught too disturbing and better concentrate on solving the problem. They only lie if they can’t solve it, but even then she weighs the pros and cons to see if it’s worth it.


Libra is very diplomatic, and lying is a necessity for her.

Her lies are believable, people don’t even realize she’s lying.

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Suspicious and sometimes manipulative, lying is a very familiar game for a Scorpio. Their nature allows them to analyze every angle of a situation and come up with the best lie to get where they want.


Friendly Sagittarius doesn’t lie. He values ​​the people around him very much and doesn’t want to hide anything from them. If he has to do it anyway, then the reason should be very worthy.


Of all the zodiac signs, Capricorn hates lies the most and refuses to put himself in this position.

It’s against any form of it, but if she does happen to do it, she won’t be able to keep it hidden for too long. He will feel guilty and confess.


Aquarius is creative and sometimes diabolical when it comes to stories. Their lies may seem too good to be true, but he tells them so well that he makes those around him believe them. Sensitive Pisces Pisces don’t lie.

But when they do, it’s only for a noble cause, most of the time to protect those around them. They are so sensitive that no one can get angry with them.


Aries is not good at lies and does not make a goal out of it.

He has no patience for the drama that could ensue if he is caught hiding something. If it does happen, it will be about something totally innocent.

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