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Top 4 Most Aggressive Signs Behind The Wheel

These zodiac signs are most likely to become angry and aggressive when driving.

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So, if you’re in a car with one of these zodiac signs, you have two options: either cover your eyes and hope you’ll get to your destination safely, or get out and quickly call a taxi.

Here are the most dangerous traffic signs:


The only thing Aries hates more than being stuck in traffic is having to run into drivers who have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going. When this native has a schedule or has something set, he really intends to be on time.

The anger he feels when he is behind the wheel and in a hurry is totally strange for this native, especially since he is usually a quiet person. If you’re afraid it won’t end well, offer to drive!


Virgo tries to drive nicely and be that driver who lets other road users pass or who always uses the right signals. However, she doesn’t always get what she gives, which irritates her greatly.

She believes that traffic will only function normally if everyone cooperates, but we all know that will never happen. She will try to ignore the annoying drivers and their rude gestures, but that’s before the anger completely controls her.


Scorpio secretly loves this aggressiveness in traffic, because it gives him the chance to be reckless and badass. He tends to take out his anger at work or at home on the other drivers around her.

For him, a road route clears his brain. This native is not always like this when driving, but passengers often need to be alert and check that they are wearing their seat belts.


Capricorn hates to drive and shows this in full when he is in the car. He has a habit of imitating the behavior of other road users that annoys him, such as cutting someone’s path, without realizing how dangerous this could be.

Even when not driving, Capricorn will be that backseat passenger who will yell out the window at others and who no one likes to deal with.

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