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6 Zodiac Signs That Cannot Cope With A Breakup

If some zodiac signs spend days in a row crying, others can vent their frustration on anyone who gets in their way.

How do you react?

Here are 6 zodiac signs that don’t get over a breakup easily:



Some people scream, and others cry to release their feelings after going through a love breakup. Aries, however, can go quite far, become angry and hurt the person who broke their heart. If something like this happened, you have to give him space to get over the disappointment. Either you get out of his way, or you can give him a nice gift that will make him feel much better.

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Taurus believes that his life will never be the same and that he will never love again once he is betrayed. He is not doing well at all after such an event and he is going to stay in this rough place for a long time.

He cancels all the plans he had previously made and no longer feels like doing any of the things he normally enjoyed. He’s been in his pajamas for five days now and doesn’t intend to leave his bed anytime soon. He just needs a warm and good friend who will listen to him.

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Leo is the kind of person who cries a lot after a breakup. The bad part is that everyone thinks he’s fine, he keeps it in him all day, and in the evening he breaks out. It’s exhausting and everything becomes much sadder when he gets home and is alone. He usually cries himself to sleep.

If you have such a friend, try to get him to open up more, that way he won’t feel so alone.

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A breakup means too much change for a Scorpio, and he can’t handle it unless everything else in his life is perfect. He tries to control a lot of things he can’t do, including others. And whatever control he thinks he has, it’s not enough to fix the situation. Be patient with this native if you are his friend, because he is just learning to adapt to a new life.

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When someone breaks a Capricorn’s heart, he will have great trouble controlling his emotions. He has an impulsive temper and will not care about anyone. If you have a friend who is going through this, you either keep your distance, or you try not to get upset if they say offensive things that probably mean nothing. He is only afraid, and if you are by his side, he will also be there when you need him.

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This native cannot cope with a breakup too easily because he does not know how to leave everything behind. He must constantly look at old photos or messages from the happiest moments of the relationship.

He constantly wonders if there is any chance for everything to be the way it was before. If this is your friend, the best thing you can do is encourage him, tell him that he doesn’t need that person in his life again and that he has done nothing wrong!

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