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3 Signs That Will Never Forgive You If You Did Them Wrong

Take a look at these three zodiac signs to find out if the person you’re having trouble with is one of those you’ll never get forgiveness from.

Here are the 3 signs that never forgive and never forget if you hurt them:


There’s a reason he’s a Taurus, that’s because he’s stubborn like one. He’s the type of person who wants to hear your apology, but won’t accept it. He doesn’t like to compromise, so if the situation is a bit complicated, he will be the first to get out of it. He will always think about what you did to upset him and he will probably never trust you again.

If he ever forgives you, it will probably take a very long time to get there, so be patient with him!

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Leo is probably the last person you should upset. Not only is he stubborn and inflexible when it comes to apologizing, but he also gets very angry. He becomes a completely different person when he’s angry, mostly because he’s afraid to show how hurt he feels. He loves life so much that if things go the wrong way, he gets extremely upset.

Don’t think about ignoring him at those times, because that would mean the end of your relationship.

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Libra will never forgive you because she avoided you so much that she didn’t even give you the opportunity to apologize to her. He hates confrontation and may even pretend that everything is fine when, in fact, he never forgave you. Don’t be surprised if things take a different turn one day! He probably received your messages and saved them just in case, but he won’t answer you anyway.

He’s usually calm and fair, but when he’s angry, all his logic flies out the window and he’ll go silent for a long time. She’ll never admit she’s mad at you, but you’ll know it.

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