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4 Zodiac Signs That Never Say How They Feel

Some people can’t open up to other people very easily, and this sometimes causes them to be categorized as having no feelings!

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Here are 4 zodiac signs that need help putting their feelings on the tray:


Virgo is very shy. She is always critical both of herself and of others, which prevents her from truly showing you her feelings. She is practical and analytical, so dealing with emotions can be very difficult for her, because she would feel like she is losing control. She works hard and doesn’t play, so the idea of ​​saying how she feels is a waste of time.

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Libra hates confrontation. She wants to get rid of any emotional responsibility at any cost.

She’s the type of person who will tell you 100 times that she’s fine before admitting she’s upset. She is extremely peaceful and fair, even to the point of allowing herself to be stepped on without telling anyone that she is bothered by it.

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Scorpio faces jealousy, secret mania, and misunderstandings, which stops him from expressing his feelings. It is hard for him to trust people, even when they are very close. Maybe he doesn’t want to say what he feels for fear of being judged.

He wants to appear confident, but inside he has self-esteem issues.

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This native is both warm and cold and you never know how he feels. He feels and thinks more deeply than anyone, but he only expresses hatred. The moment you ask him if he’s okay, he’ll get mad at you. Only with a lot of luck you can make him open up and it takes a lot of patience if you want him in your life.

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