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The Two Smartest Signs

Each zodiac sign excels at something more than another. An Aries is the boldest sign, even if it rivals Leo.

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But a Leo beats an Aries when it comes to charisma. No zodiac sign lacks impressive qualities, but the stars will tell you which ones are the smartest!

When it comes to intelligence, Aquarius and Scorpio rank first. However, their type of intelligence is hard to compare.

Aquarians are known for their typical intelligence, high IQ, strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills. In comparison, Scorpios are better known for their emotional intelligence. In other words, they are more receptive to the feelings of others and understand social concepts better than anyone else.

They are more sensitive to the needs of others and tend to make excellent friends.

However, there are more clever zodiac signs. Gemini and Libra have been shown to have high levels of intelligence. Again, both signs excel in different ways. Geminis are very captivated and attentive, while Libra tends to focus more on the emotional happiness of the people around them. Most of the time she is controlled by stress, but she shows a lot of intelligence.

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When it comes to strong emotional intelligence, Cancer and Pisces are best known for their ability to feed the ego and feelings of others in search of a healthy balance in relationships. Earth signs, such as TaurusVirgo, and Capricorn, are best known for their practical intelligence and strong ambition that brings out their potential. In particular, Capricorns show their determination to achieve their goals, no matter what it takes, which is why they often go very far in life.

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SagittariusLeo, and Aries are strong signs that thrive on their successes and strive hard to achieve them. They are happy to take risks to get where they want to go and are strong people when in leadership positions. Sagittarius and Leo in particular are strong leaders due to their charisma and energy. However, Sagittarius sometimes has an advantage because they tend to be open-minded and embrace change in a way that many can’t or won’t.

It’s clear that each zodiac sign stands out in many ways, but when it comes to intelligence, Aquarius and Scorpio lead the way.

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