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What Are You Fighting Against This Week

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Of course, you are a strong person, but sometimes you just need someone to look you in the eye, hold your hand and tell you that everything is going to be alright. That doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human and it’s okay to accept that things don’t always go as planned and that there are times when you don’t want to see anyone’s face because you’re terrified of breaking down in a flood of tears. I want you to know that you are not alone, no one has a perfect life, there are many suffering, learning, healing and you are doing very well. What are you fighting against this week according to your sign? 

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It is time for you to make yourself a priority, regardless of the opinion of your friends, family, and partner. For a long time, you have lowered your guard to indulge them in things that do not even fill you completely. This week you will fight against your mania for saying yes to everything, you will learn to listen to your intuition. Your body does not lie, if you experience physical discomfort or discomfort before going to a place, it is a sign that you have nothing to do there. Take care and stay away from people who only reduce your energy, there are many who pretend to applaud your victories and at the slightest opportunity show the worst. Aries, as long as you work on your balance you will be fine. It’s not selfish, it’s already good that they always trample on you.

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Definitely, the week will bring you ups and downs, do not be surprised that in a single day you have all the emotional changes that may exist. It is your soul that is desperate to find calm and it is a way to purge yourself of all the bad things that the negative people around you have left behind. You may feel a bit distracted, things will not turn out as usual, but try to see further, go deeper, perhaps it is life telling you that you are in the wrong place. For a long time, you have become accustomed to what you already know, you do not want to leave your comfort zone, because your fears prevent you from doing so, but you are missing out on truly wonderful things. Taurus, take the wheel of the new, even if your legs tremble, you can’t imagine the beautiful landscapes that await you on the road.

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I know it is difficult to realize that you are doing enough because when it comes to criticizing your own steps, nobody beats you. One of those bad little voices in your head awakens your insecurities, but you have to be stronger to fight them because otherwise, you will stagnate. This week you will be fighting against everyone because it is time for you to focus on your own corner, your world, and work on what really fills you with life. Letting go Gemini, that’s your biggest task, from the smallest thing, like that argument at work, how bad things turned out at home, or any other situation that weighs you down. The day has come, let go of the people who only remain for you and focus on the ones who do value you and love you.

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It is very likely that you will not start the week on the right foot, but do not be scared, that does not mean that a bad streak is coming, it is just that life is testing you. In some way, he is looking for you to confirm that you are really ready for a new stage. It will be quite exhausting for you because everything will lead you to say goodbye to the ghosts of the past since they are not letting you advance as you should. Your potential is enormous, however, by investing all your energy in someone who is not worth it, you embrace failure on your own. You will be fighting against routines, creating a different path, something that tests you and at the same time awakens your most resilient side. It is not necessary to take giant steps, go at your own pace, but do not stop.

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Normally, you are not the type of person who gets hooked on the bad, your pride does not allow you to beg anyone, much less blame yourself for something that has already happened. Of course, you have the humility to accept your mistakes, but you are not going to put your dignity at risk just to please others. This week you will be struggling with maintaining your limits, people will tell you that you have become too strict in your affective relationships, but if you analyze yourself you will notice that those who complain the most are those who benefited from your previous version. You are no longer here to be flexible, there are many opportunities that you gave away and they did not take advantage of them. You are not going to wait for them to change while they hurt you, you may feel sad and confused, but give yourself time to be alone, it is the only way to recover your essence.

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Virgo, breathe, but please do not take it lightly, you need to fill yourself with a new vibe because you are drowning in a circle in which everyone judges and minimizes your steps. Remember that you are not here to please everyone, that is impossible, their opinion does not define you as a person. In the end, only you know the battles you’ve had to overcome to keep moving forward. This week you will be fighting against envy, lately, it has haunted you more than usual and that is weakening your effort because you are falling into their negativity. There are many people who say that they want to see you well, but not better than them, when that happens they bring out their true selves. Please trust what you are doing, you are very skilled, stay focused, and don’t listen to advice from those who follow where you are. At least, you are daring to do something different.

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I know, it is not easy to get the idea that your approval is enough and more than enough in everything you do. There are times when you would give anything for the people you love to pay a little attention to your achievements, not with the intention of showing off, it is simply a way of sharing all the effort they have cost you. You are a powerful sign, capable of taking your voids and moving on. However, relationships for you are essential, those connections that become your support when things go wrong. This week you will be struggling with maintaining balance, finding the perfect point that leads you to breathe harmony. You will realize that there are people who take away your peace and that as much as you appreciate them, it is best not to tell them all your plans. It won’t be easy, but it will be the best.

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You don’t like to beat around the bush, you feel very desperate when people intend to hinder everything you do. You definitely trust your strengths and that has helped you shut up mouths that blurt out opinions you didn’t ask for. You are very intelligent, it does not cost you much to find the best arguments and although your intention is not to hurt anyone, you are not going to let yourself be manipulated either. This week you will be fighting with your reserved side, you may be presented with a unique opportunity and it is time for you to bet, let your explorer side take control. Keep in mind that you have nothing to lose, if you don’t like something you can go back to doing the same as always. However, staying with the desire will only fill you with frustration.

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Sagittarius, please read well, you are not everything your mind tells you. There are thoughts that come from your fears and want you to take a step back. However, you have shown that you are prepared to give much more. Sometimes, you feel very ashamed of your actions, you think you have disappointed your loved ones because you do not fit in with their wishes. They are prejudices that are becoming stones in your path, you can handle those challenges and those that come. This week you will be fighting against all those guilts, reproaches, and regrets. It’s time to look ahead, a promising future awaits you, but if you keep dragging things from the past, everything will be more complicated.

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You are always working very hard, your mind does not stop and your body has been getting used to walking from one place to another until you get what you want. You are not one of those who sits waiting for life to be solved, you know that you deserve success and that you have to make an effort to reach the top. Definitely, you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, you value much more the things you have obtained with the sweat of your forehead. That is why this week you will be fighting with a somewhat chaotic Universe, which will fill you with surprises, some good and some bad, but trust, everything has a reason. Once you pass this stage great things await you. Lifelong lessons are coming and the possibility of doing what really moves your soul and your heart.

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Life has given you so many shocks that you even know how to put on your best face after a wave of negativity. You were born with the gift of finding the bright side of everything, even when it seems that the only solution is to give up. You imagine a lot of possibilities and you have the faith that sooner or later the abundance and freedom you long for will come. You do not feel at all comfortable with routines, much less with obligations that you did not ask for. Your attitude is much more relaxed and that is exactly what you are going to be struggling with this week. It is time for you to escape from your normality because a few rules do not hurt you, on the contrary, you will notice that by organizing everything, things flow in a much more beautiful way. Perhaps that is the key.

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Lately, you have struggled with wanting to find clarity in everything you do and that has somewhat held back your creative side. Something tells you that it’s not time for your fantasies to take control and you think that if you spend your time working everything will be better, you want your list of activities to be full so you don’t have to face your present. Pisces, do not allow pressure to fill your dreams with darkness, because you are much more than that. This week you will be struggling with doing what really fills you with joy and not what the rest want. Don’t feel bad for choosing yourself, for embracing your emotions and allowing your sensitivity to decide the way. Your heart is wise Pisces, it will lead you to make the right decisions, those that do not make your existence bitter by pleasing others.

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