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Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 6th July 2022

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This Tuesday, a favorable position of Mars, the star of determination, begins for Capricorn. You will be very patient in achieving goals that you previously thought were complex and almost unspeakable. Enjoy the help of an experienced business person.



As of today, as far as you are concerned, Torelli, Mars, planet of energy, transits in a pleasant conjunction. You will have new energies, which will allow you to renew all the fields of existence that, lately, had seemed stale or repetitive to you. The news is on the horizon.



This Tuesday, Mars, the star of energy, shows itself in harmonic aspect, for your Water sign. There will be good news both in love and in the profession. Listen carefully to the words of someone who is more experienced than you and can help you have interesting successes.



For you Pisces, a harmonious aspect of Mars, the planet of determination, occurs starting today. Your sensuality is evident in any context. There will be occasions when it is clear that your way of doing things is superior to the crowd in elegance and persuasion.



There is a smooth aspect of Mars, the planet of action, for you Virgo, starting today. You are very patient and you can accomplish a task that, until now, you feared might be quite difficult. Without the help of anyone, you will achieve remarkable results.



Mars, star of action, is, for Sagittarius, in the House of Health and Work, from this day. In daily life, there will be news. Don’t get in the way if circumstances advise you to change. Even in moments of eros, you will want to experience new things (or people?).



For your Fire sign, your patron planet, Mars, is in the House of Money as of this day. You will be conservative in the management of economies. Do not be too moderate when you are sure that you are facing a good investment opportunity.

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Mars, the star of determination, is in the Field of change for your Air sign. Thus ends a period in which it seemed natural to you to question everything in which you previously believed. You will be able to find your balance and make those next to you happier.



From this day on, for your Air sign, Mars transits in tiring disposition. You will be slower than usual in reaching your goals. In your profession, if you feel like you can’t do it alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help. In love, remember that the partner is on your side.



For you Leoncini, there is an uncomfortable position of Mars, star of the action, starting from this Tuesday. You are not very active, unlike how you are used to the people you care about most. We need to be more enterprising. Laziness is not for you, especially in love.



For Gemini, Mars, the planet of action, is in the astrological House of Trials to be overcome, starting today. Don’t be possessive in love. The person who makes your heart pound finds you a little too jealous even if you start with (in your opinion …) the best of intentions.



Starting with the lucky day for your sign, there is a dissonant position of Mars, the planet of energy. The star leads you to be too aggressive in trying to change the things you don’t like. Instead, try to achieve your goals step by step.

Today’s Zodiac Signs Ranking 6th July 2022


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