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Sign of the zodiac: These are the lucky ones in July

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While some have an absolute streak of bad luck in July, others are really lucky. Whether everything is going smoothly for you or nothing works out the way you imagined it depends on your zodiac sign .

These four zodiac signs definitely have luck on their side in July.


Aries are definitely the lucky ones in July. Somehow everything suddenly falls into this zodiac’s lap and you hardly have to lift a finger to achieve your goals. This month Aries is full of energy and zest for action. He thinks he can do everything that he has set himself to do – and that’s how it is. Be it in love or at work, things couldn’t go any better for him.

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Spring brings new energy and fresh motivation to the fish. They are now devoting themselves to self-realization and are finally only doing what they want and what they enjoy. Otherwise, this zodiac sign is always too much oriented towards the others. But in July it will be different. And this plan works absolutely, because luck is now more then ever at the side of the fish.

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The lion also has luck on his side in July. He is now experiencing a real boom and is finally finding new motivation. All of his plans work out and he just feels right at home in his skin. These positive vibes spill over to others and make the beginning of spring a real highlight for Leo and their loved ones.

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Twins are also the lucky ones this month. At the moment you are totally balanced and you will not be disturbed by anything. Especially the singles among the twins can really look forward to it. Because when it comes to love happiness, things are looking pretty good for her. And those who have been awarded are also experiencing a new upswing in their relationship and feeling happier than ever with their partner.

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