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8 Signs That Offer Too Much To Those Around

Each sign is very different from the rest, but some of them also have common features.

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Of the 12 signs, 8 tend to be more generous than they should be!

Here are 8 signs that are too good, and people take advantage of them:


Even if you are stubborn and can quickly become angry, you are very careful with those close to you. You are very generous with those in your circle and even they are trying to take advantage of you, you allow them to do so. Even if people don’t consider you an altruistic person, you really are, but only with certain people.


You are a very sensitive person and you allow people to always confuse your business. You don’t know how to say no and because your heart is so big, you never think about your feelings, but rather those of others.

Being altruistic comes with a price for you and you have to do more for yourself than for others!

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You are the only sign that has time to help the unjust. You believe in justice and when it comes to helping others, you only help those who deserve it. If someone needs you, you’re always there.


You are a very critical person, but you really care about everything. Take care of the people around you. You are actually able to take your shirt off if someone needs it.

When you see someone in need, you feel compelled to take a stand.


You are altruistic with those you love. Your life partner may see this side that others don’t even realize exists. You always give and, depending on the relationship, this can be good or bad. For example, if your partner does not respond in the same way, then your heart will be hurt.


You are the person everyone turns to for advice when they need it. You are usually willing to offer help when it is reasonable.

In other words, you will not give up your plans and you will not waste time for someone who is not willing to do the same.


You are the person who never says yes if he knows he can’t keep his promise. You don’t mind helping others and sacrificing yourself to do so, but those people really need it. You’re not the kind of person who ignores those who suffer on the streets.


You are a person who is quite reserved, but that does not mean that you do not jump to the aid of those who are not able to defend themselves.

If someone is harassed or humiliated, you will be more than happy to intervene. Also, you continue to help and then, being available at any time of night for those who turn to you.

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