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4 Signs That Resort To Silence When They Are Upset

People express their anger in different ways. Some will resort to silence, and others will shout as loud as they can!

No one likes to be treated in silence, but people react differently when they are upset. There are people who will not hesitate to face the situation and say firmly what they feel, they will scream and cause a great quarrel and a great agitation. On the other hand, there are other people who are not so open when they are upset but are rather passive-aggressive. They will not make a drama but will smoke quietly and ignore you in a great style.

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They’re like volcanoes that you don’t know whether will erupt or not. Although it is said that you should avoid temperamental people when they are upset, it seems that nothing is more frightening than a person who resorts to silence when he is angry. Silence can sometimes be worse than a strong quarrel!

With people who react brutally when they are upset, at least you know what to expect.

Instead, you don’t know what will happen to those who give you a cold: they may forget tomorrow, or they may shed all their frustration in just a month. Keeping them in suspense can be the biggest punishment for you, and they know it very well.

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The stars can tell a lot about how a person can manage their anger, so here are 4 signs that will turn to silence when they are upset:


A Cancer can change his mood very often and very suddenly. When someone is upset, they may be able to keep their anger well hidden. He doesn’t like confrontations, so don’t expect him to talk openly about how he feels. If you ask him what you did wrong, he will just fold his arms and turn around, just to realize that something has happened, but not to give you details.

And if you hurt him, he certainly won’t forget. Wait a while to clarify your feelings, but don’t feel like she wants to talk to you again too soon. It holds up quite a bit, but you still have a chance to be forgiven.


A Virgo is extremely shy. This zodiac sign is not often seen making a scene or a drama out of a certain situation. It takes a lot to make a person so patient as to go crazy. But when she’s upset, she’s really upset. However, Virgo will not show this. He will drink and ignore you. He can’t even look at you, but he can talk to you! So she will resort to silence until she manages to calm down on the inside, because that is where the most difficult fight that actually grinds her goes.


A Scorpio is known for being distrustful and stubborn. If you upset him, you will have to work hard to win him back, or at least tickle his pride enough to feel revenge. He won’t trust you anymore if you upset him, and that’s serious for your relationship. He will resort to silence and behave coldly. It takes a long time to regain his confidence, so once you make him angry, he will have doubts about keeping you in his life. Undoubtedly, he can be extremely firm and brutal, showing a distance as if you were two strangers.


Aquarius is not able to express himself emotionally and runs away from this as much as possible. When someone upsets him, he will rarely say what he really feels.

He is very passive and aggressive and will make a lot of hints or suggestive gestures, without actually saying why he is upset. He wants to tell you why you got angry with him, but it’s not straightforward enough for him to talk about it. It’s a matter of courage that he still can’t control and the fact that he can’t say his own thing grinds him inside and makes him accumulate frustrations. Give it some space and maybe it will forgive you!

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