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The Most Vengeful 4 Signs

Revenge can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

At least for some signs!

Some people are not able to move forward without revenge when someone has harmed them. They want those who have wronged them to pay, and their revenge is frightening.

What are the most vengeful signs?


It is no surprise that Scorpio is the most vengeful zodiac sign. If you step on his tail, you’ll have to move to another city, delete your social media accounts, change your name, and get a lot of guard dogs.

That’s if you want to stay alive. An unjust Scorpio is the deadliest human being on the planet. Even if he doesn’t hunt you down all his life, he will be careful to take revenge on you so aggressively that you will regret what you did.



Pisces may seem innocent, but their exaggerated sensitivity is something you need to be very careful about. To begin with, it doesn’t take much to hurt or offend them, and if you do, your revenge is doomed.

They can be as vengeful as Scorpio, only they will do it for life. You may wake up one morning, after a few years since you hurt them, that you are missing your dog or that you are losing your job because of information that the company where you work has received about you.



Taurus has a reputation for instilling fear in people. Who wouldn’t be intimidated by him? If you upset him, he’ll do everything he can to make you feel miserable. He will not take revenge as badly as Scorpio and will not play with you for too long after you have wronged him, but there will be a considerable amount of torture until he forgives you.

Stubborn people like him need a long time to forgive.



You will not immediately realize that you have upset a Virgo, so it is a nightmare sign. His form of revenge comes in waves of comments and passive-aggressive actions, which are quite confusing. Now you can feel that everything is perfect with her, and in a second she will burst into an unimaginable hatred. His attention to detail, especially in the case of revenge, results in systematic torture.

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