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The truth is that lying is not given to you, you are so genuine that you can hardly fool people. Moreover, it shows in your gestures, whether you are angry, sad, happy or worried, your face says it all. Pretending makes you lazy, if the person doesn’t accept you that’s fine, you’re not going to stay in a place where you feel forcing is healthy. You like to say things in advance, no matter if it means the pain is present. If someone wants to find out about you, all they have to do is watch your laughter, it’s the one that betrays you, because you get so nervous that you can’t control it. You are so smart and skillful that you know that when it’s necessary to use a lie for something, it’s a sign that you don’t have to go on there anymore.


The reason why it is not difficult for you to lie from time to time is that you are a sign of few words and this prevents you from falling easily into questioning from those who doubt what you say. Although if someone wants to get more intense when analyzing details, all they have to do is pay attention to your naturalness. You’re not the same Taurus when you lie, as you become more controlling and don’t let your emotions take over in the moment, knowing they can make you look bad. You think too much before lying, because you don’t want to make any mistakes. Of course, it is very difficult for you to accept that you were wrong, if it suits you you can continue to lie until the end, your pride does not allow you to let your guard down.


Let’s say you and the lie get along so well, you could even say they’re inspired when it comes to setting goals. Come on, you’re not a sign pretending to be something it’s not, you like to show your worst flaws, but you’re also very smart, your mind is always one step ahead and that leads you to use dishonesty from time to time. Sometimes it’s not that you’re lying, it’s that you change your mind very quickly and it makes you look like someone who can’t keep what you promise. You don’t care what people think, if something doesn’t make your heart beat like it did in the beginning, you don’t want it in your life anymore. You know very well the difference between good and evil,


No matter who weighs you down, you’re one of the most honest signs of the zodiac and you don’t like to get involved in gossip. In fact, you hate it when they make it up to make you look like the bad guy. These types of people have a marked betrayal on their forehead, it shows that they don’t know what loyalty is and that’s why you’d rather they stay away from your life. Yours are white lies, you would never hide the truth if it meant hurting someone. You are one of those who say that nothing happens even if inside you can’t anymore. Of those people who are able to say that they don’t need anything to help the other. I’m not saying you are a saint, but your heart is so gentle that you will hardly lie with cruel intentions.


Come on, Leo, it’s not your fault that you have artistic talent right down to your core. Honestly, it’s not hard for you to tell a lie or two, on the contrary, you add drama to make the moment more tense. Let’s say you’re very selective, few have the privilege of knowing your more transparent side, you prefer to wear masks and see how far a person can go to get what they want. You don’t care if they call you an actor, you know you have the ability to persuade even the most stupid. However, to determine if you are sincere, all they need to do is pay attention to how much effort you put into something. It shows you’re lying when you look for a thousand and one ways to make the other believe you’re telling the truth.


You’re usually a quiet person, especially when you don’t feel confident and they start to pressure you. However, when you have to lie because you have no other choice, it is very easy to find yourself out, because you start talking too much, something inside you makes you believe that the more details you give about the situation, the better. Virgo, you don’t usually waste time convincing, but if you really need it to achieve a goal, you’re not going to take your finger off the line. Although you should be careful because your lie may become more obvious due to so many explanations. There are details that are unnecessary, relax a bit. The ideal would be not to lie, but you are very intelligent and if you see no other way out,


Clearly you are not a saint, you have your faults and it is not your intention to put on a false face. However, it costs you twice as much as others to lie. It’s not in your nature to disguise things, you feel really uncomfortable and nervous, you rarely keep a lie for long. The way they can tell if you’re not being honest is very simple, they have to confront you, it shows in your eyes when you can’t take it anymore and you end up spouting truths. The best thing is that they don’t judge you, only you know what you had to go through to decide to hide something. They just have to listen to you for them to realize that you didn’t do it with the intention of making anyone cry.


Lie? For you who have no justification, it is not given to you, even when you have been in your worst moments. Scorpio, maybe people look at you from the outside and think you’re the most evil being in this world, but the reality is that you’re not very tolerant of those who don’t know how to care. of their emotional relationships. Honesty for you is not a game, it’s not about being honest when it suits you, it scares you to know that there are many people by your side who smile at you every day and just waiting for you to make a mistake to make fun of your walk. Geez, when you’ve tried to lie it’s been a resounding failure, you become defensive, your words don’t flow, and your insane side takes center stage.


Your untruths are so sweet and simple, that we rarely feel them. You are someone who has sympathy for everything and you have no problem lying when you want to get out of a serious situation. It’s the only way for you not to tell the truth and it makes you really worried about being found out, it’s something that upsets you and you try to smile to pretend it’s nothing , even if deep down you are desperate. Lies don’t appeal to you, because they make you feel like the naughty kid who ends up hiding in the closet after doing something wrong. You are a courageous being, one who is not afraid to say goodbye and who is able to face the consequences of his actions with total maturity.


You’re not afraid to tell the world you lied. There are a lot of people who want to play at being perfect when they’ve done worse, but luckily that’s not your case. On the contrary, you are very smart and they rarely notice when you are lying. So meticulous that you practically plan what you’re going to say in advance, your lies aren’t simple, they require overwork and the calm of a monk so that no pressure will make you say otherwise. They are so accurate that even you end up believing they are real. However, one way they can find out is when you stay quiet, remember whoever is quiet gives, don’t let the tension get your guard down. If this lie can change your life, don’t give up.


Nothing complicates you, you are an expert at finding the bright side of things, even when it comes to justifying a lie, Aquarius. It is your mind that can sweep away the negativity of anyone who dares to judge you for not being sincere. Often you analyze the situation thoroughly, you don’t get carried away by your emotions, it’s your logical part that tells you that it’s better not to say certain things, because you don’t want to disappoint yourself or anyone. else. Although when they want to tell you the truth at the cost of anything, you feel very uncomfortable and that’s when you escape any kind of closeness. That’s how they catch you, halfway, and you just have to explain yourself. In fact, sometimes you repent.


For you, there are only two: you lie like the grown-ups or you can’t. It all depends on the situation you’re in, because if it’s something that’s altering your emotions, you’ll have a hard time staying calm. You are very wise to choose the right words, but also your silences are able to say a lot and this is where you end up sinking. The craziest thing is that you can keep lying for a long time, but all it takes is someone asking you looking you in the eye for you to lower your eyes and accept that things are getting away from you. You have a lot of imagination, you can get away with it, but the moment your heart engages, you lose, because the lie doesn’t dwell there and you even end up asking for forgiveness.

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