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One of the reasons this month can feel a little depressing to you is that you associate it with past failures or losses. Because you are going through this month with a burden on your mind, much of what you do will become self-sabotage.
There is a feeling of guilt that comes with this month, as far as you are concerned, and despite the work you have done to improve yourself and overcome any feelings of self-loathing, you will feel like you are being pulled. as if there is an invisible force that won’t let you go.
Because we have the New Moon coming at the very beginning of May, on the 2nd, you may want to beat the negativity in your fist by placing your positive, empowered intention in the form of “prayer,” under the Moon tonight- the. Try not to enter May with expectations of disaster. You can avoid ‘Ides’.


Mars brings with it a sense of impatience for you, Libra. It’s one of those months that you always associate with the frustrations you’ve felt in the past. Your main concern this month is in the form of a question, “Why am I not where I want to be?” “
There is something dreary about this month as if the last winter wanted a final battle with your soul before the sun brings us spring and renewal.
You flow well with the seasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you like the current. It’s dark time, and you’re not a dark person; you don’t feel at home during this dark and depressing season and it will affect your mood and your relationships with others. You are one of those people who prefer to hibernate in the winter, and because you can’t do it, you have to carry out your tasks as usual. Hang on, the days of sunshine and light are upon us.


This dark season is both depressing and yours, which means that for most of the month, the Sun is in Pisces – your sign. While it may bring you joy and a sense of renewal, you don’t think renewal can come fast enough.
You will experience bouts of extreme dissatisfaction and frustration in May, and much of it will revolve around the idea that for some reason you think you “deserve” better than this – whatever “that” is for. you.
You are going to question many things in your life during this period, and one of them will be your family life, mainly your relationship with your partner. You might find yourself aggressive or unnecessarily hostile towards that person, much to their shock and sadness. You’re doing much better than you think, so don’t throw it all away. Mars can be tough, but it will move quickly, allowing spring to take over, with the Sun in Aries, starting May 20.

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