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3 Signs That A Leo Is Using You And 4 Ways To Get Over This Disappointment

There are certain men in Leo who are just looking to increase their self-confidence.

They will keep you around because it helps their ego.

They will want to lead you to a place where only they will feel good and it would never be worth the effort for such people. That’s why you have to know every time a Leo man is playing with you. Love may keep you from realizing that his intentions are not good.

Fortunately for you, astrology can help you realize when something is wrong with the man in Leo.

What are the signs that a Leo is playing with you?

Don’t pay attention to yourself

It’s unlikely that a Leo man will really pay attention to you as long as he doesn’t have serious intentions. Remember that he has a tendency to hide and be very selfish.

He will only get along with someone in the house when he is truly in love. If he’s the boss in the relationship, he won’t be interested in hearing what you have to say.

Only talk about him

He will not be willing to talk about you or anyone else in your conversations. He is too interested in focusing only on himself. He will always want to lead the discussion. He is interested in talking only about his favorite subject, his own life. If a man in this sign is really in love with you, he will show interest in you and want to know you as much as possible.

But if he only plays with you, then it will be just for him.

He’s very arrogant.

You know he’s playing with you if he seeks validation about who he is and what he did. He doesn’t really care what you did or feel. He just wants to brag about how beautiful and good his life is, and he desperately wants people to be jealous of him.

Assuming you found out he used you all the time, recovery can be quite difficult. However, it is not impossible. You may be quite uncomfortable and feel very disappointed, but you have already taken the first step in deciding to move on.

How to get over this disappointment?

1. Get away from him

Get away from him, move on. He’s a toxic man, and if you want to get rid of the harm he’s doing to you, you’ll have to separate from him.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

One of the fastest ways to get out of a negative environment is to surround yourself with positive people. Join the energetic ones, who can be contagious with their optimism.

3. Focus on Building Your Life

If you start to focus on this, you will not have time to think about the suffering that Leo man has caused you.

4. Change your perspective

Yes, you have just gone through a very difficult phase in your life. However, you should know that there are much bigger problems in the world that require your attention.

3 Signs That A Leo Is Using You And 4 Ways To Get Over This Disappointment

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