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4 Signs That Do Not Forgive If They Have Been Betrayed

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If you have ever been betrayed, then you know how hard it is to forgive those who have wronged you.


After all, this is a breach of trust, and recovery is a long and difficult process. However, people’s reactions to betrayal are very different.

Personal traits and characteristics play an important role in determining how you live and react to extreme situations. For example, the experience of having a partner who lies to you is a problem for many. However, for someone who is too sensitive, this will break his heart in a much deeper and more aggressive way than it would be for someone who builds walls to protect himself from this kind of suffering.

Trust is a necessary element of a healthy and lasting relationship. For this reason, this is one of the most debated topics by relationship experts.

Unfortunately, although it is hard to recognize, we live in a world where we will inevitably be hurt or betrayed in one way or another. Minor betrayals are often overlooked, harmless lies that do not have a significant impact on our lives as well. But when betrayal is major or small betrayals develop, the relationship can be compromised.

If you did something and betrayed your partner’s trust, there might be another chance to save what’s left of your relationship. First of all, you have to take responsibility for your actions or for the words you have said. Do not apologize and do not try to defend your choices, this will cause even more damage. Instead, be aware of the pain you have caused and be honest.

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However, be prepared for a refusal.

There are some people who will gladly give you a second chance, no matter what. But there are others whose personality will lead to the exact opposite decision. When they face betrayal, they refuse to be hurt again. For this reason, they close all the gates and can never be persuaded to open them again.

What are the signs that do not forgive if they have been betrayed?


Strong and stubborn, there are some loyal signs like Taurus and they demand the same in return. For this reason, they do not leave anyone in their life because they do not trust each other easily. However, when they open their hearts to someone, they will do anything to make them happy. So betrayal is very harmful to them because it will completely block them.

In time, they will learn to forgive themselves for letting you be a part of their lives, but that does not mean they will forgive you.

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While others may simply refuse to allow you to return to their lives, it will not be so easy for Scorpio. He needs revenge and will not be pleased at all. These extremely passionate individuals love with all their hearts, but they cannot be fooled because they have an incredible temperament. If you betrayed a Scorpio, you’d better keep your distance and keep your back. You won’t see them coming, but you’ll know when the fatal blow hits you.

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Those born under the sign of Capricorn are not famous for sentimentality, but for logic and well-thought-out decisions. For this reason, betrayal is very difficult for them, because they will think that they should have foreseen it.

They will try to hide their pain and disappointment, eager to quickly erase this mistake from their lives. Inside, they are extremely sensitive people.

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Very determined, Aquarius is cold and distant, seeming to be able to live his life without needing anyone. He is proud of his power and so it is hard to accept that anyone can hurt him. Refusing to admit that he is down to earth or to give others the satisfaction of seeing him suffer, he quickly puts up barriers. He doesn’t need anyone, and he’s serious enough not to let you ever go back to his life.

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