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6 Signs That Have Extremely Violent Tendencies

Astrology has a funny way of helping us to notice someone’s negative traits, including aggression!


If you force yourself to smile, even if you don’t feel great, you might feel a little better. A smile makes you happy. Unfortunately, there are also people who are obsessed with negativity, especially violence, who act violently and use destructive tools that go hand in hand with these violent tendencies.

It’s a throwback to when we had to kill to survive. We still have animals, although some tend to have more than others. Not everyone is violent, although violence, in the case of people, is quite widespread.

What are the most violent signs?


Aries is a sign of war, revenge, fighting, killing, and hitting violence. He is much more violent than any of the signs.

He wants victory, and this is not usually achieved by writing love and peace letters. Aries is the kind of parent who participates in his son’s football game and then ends up being violent towards another parent if something goes wrong.


It’s not that Taurus is too violent, it’s just that violence works for him. When it fails to speak, there is always a second solution to find the solution, namely violence. Everyone must get out of his way, and if not, his quickest way to get rid of someone is to accidentally push him into imminent danger.

Leo is reluctant to use violence but applies it every time he is given the opportunity. The lion has no patience. With you, with the things around him, with life. This impatience drives him crazy and frustrated. When he is in that state, he pierces the walls and pulls out precious documents. He does not think before he is violent, nor does he later regret it.


Virgo will not lift any fingers that could cause violence. However, she will think about it all the time and in the most vicious way possible. Violence is a reserved feeling for her, because hatred makes her blood pump.

The virgin gets everything she wants: to feel her hatred, to be aware of the pain that her cruel actions can cause you, and to ask for mercy. And all before morning coffee.


Scorpio is pro-violence and makes art out of it. He does not want to cause you pain, but he will be happy to destroy your life if you allow him to be a part of it. He is interested in the process being long. Short acts of violence are not for him, he will not kick you, because that would mean temporary pain. He is determined to destroy your life.


Sagittarius is a person who resorts to torture when he is wronged.

If you hurt him, you may not receive any punishment from him at that time. However, he has a diabolical plan in mind that can be very harmful to you. If he is so creative, the chances of him suffering at some point are very high. He executed you mentally!

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