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Why Are Pisces People So Complicated? 7 Reasons

Pisces feel misunderstood by others and build relationships that are quite difficult.


They have dynamic personalities and can be very changeable, tending to be socially nomadic.

Why are Pisces people so complicated?

They are empathetic

Pisces shows a very strong empathy for others compared to other signs. They can even detect the feelings of strangers. They connect with others at a higher level and may interact differently from other signs. However, Pisces seems to be completely detached from the emotions that the people around them experience, giving the impression that they are unstable due to their drastic changes in mood.

They are hypersensitive

Pisces tend to be far too sensitive, especially in relation to those close to them.

When their trust or pride is threatened, they suffer. However, the compassion they show makes them not take any action on this. In fact, if you hurt them, they will empathize with you and try to help you. They will try to find the core of your insult and help you with the problems they face, but they will suffer in silence.

They have a complex personality

Pisces act as a mirror for others. Because of this, you will see that they have a very complex personality. They can be fun, serious, shy or extroverted, depending on the environment and the people around them. However, they tend to move from negativism to positivism fairly quickly.

If they don’t seem to be in a good mood, give them some time and they’ll recover.

They are mysterious

Pisces are easy to approach, but it will be extremely difficult for you to really know them. They are very empathetic with others, but they do not let them know them, they are reserved. They are always willing to lend a helping hand even to a stranger. To know you, you have to be honest. They have the ability to sense from the beginning if something is wrong. Act honestly and they will feel it and open up.

They are very permissive

Pisces accept anything, even when someone makes a mistake. They will tolerate people because of their compassion and understanding of any situation.

This can sometimes be a problem. Pisces have difficulty seeing evil in others, and they can get into trouble if they trust people who don’t deserve it.

They have a rich imagination

Pisces tend to allow the real world and their imagination to mix. They are very creative people who see the world completely differently from others. They can be very talented artists and have vast imaginations. If they put their mind to it, they can accomplish amazing things in their lifetime.

They are the product of the environment in which they live

Fish can have a lot of inner energy and then they can collapse very quickly. If left alone long enough, they can create their own energy.

They are a reflection of the environment in which they live and of the people around them.

They are thirsty for adventure

Pisces are always looking for a new adventure. They don’t get too attached to people and love to travel. They have a flexible lifestyle and want to meet new people. However, they only like adventure, not a company in their travels. They move fast and don’t want to be pulled down.

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