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Zodiac Signs With The Most Nobel Prizes. Is Your Sign Successful?

Have you ever wondered which is the smartest sign?

Astrology has an answer to this question according to the signs of the Nobel Prize winners!

What are the signs with the most Nobel Prizes?


Gemini ranks first in this list, with 97 Nobel Prize winners, including Bob Dylan, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. The twins have brilliant minds, being ruled by Mercury. They may have a bad reputation because they have two faces. However, while some natives may be so, others are not only very intelligent but also fun. They are the soul of the party, but they can also have deep conversations and act as true friends when needed.


Libra ranks second with 93 Nobel Prize winners. Balance is the sign of balance and relationships, which explains why TS

Elliot, the creator of some of the best love poems in the world, has won a Nobel Prize.


Virgo is famous for her organizational and analytical skills. She has everything she needs to excel in life, especially in the professional field.


Cancer ranks fourth with 81 Nobel Prize winners. He is associated with family and home. These priorities make him very caring about people, which is why the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Malala Yousafzai are all Cancers and have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Aries fifth place is Aries, with 76 Nobel Prizes. Being a sign of fire, he is very determined and ambitious.


Taurus ranks sixth.

He loves leisure and luxury and can be a little lazy at times. Some Taurus would rather have a quiet picnic than fight to win a prize. However, others are stubborn and when they have a goal, nothing can stop them from achieving it.


Sagittarius ranks seventh in the Nobel Prize winners. It is not a good position for a person who loves to be in any academic environment and who enjoys being in the spotlight.


Pisces are philosophers of the zodiac. There are signs of water full of depth, although sometimes they can be quite strange. Probably some of these natives are too busy with other things to focus on the Nobel Prize.


The hunter does not occupy a very good place in this top, although he is famous for his love for the people, political activism and for the fact that he helps those around him.

Oprah is Aquarius. Maybe these natives are too busy making the world a better place to focus on rewards.


Leo will be annoyed at the top to find out what position he occupies in this top, because he loves to be the center of attention. But given that he is too focused on the way he looks, the spotlight and the parties, he won’t care too much about awards. However, there are natives like Barack Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Scorpio is a sign of rebirth, he is obsessed with sex and death. Most natives of this sign are very intense. They can live extremely interesting lives and always have a story to share.

Scorpios just want to be loved for what they are and not aspire to be rewarded.

Capricorn Capricorn

is in last place. This water sign is appreciated for the professionalism with which it does its job and for its business skills. His position is surprising, as he is very hardworking and competitive.

Zodiac Signs With The Most Nobel Prizes. Is Your Sign Successful?

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