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13 Things That Only Taurus Can Understand

Taurus has a hard shell that helps him hide his feelings and secrets.

No man reveals his true face completely and does not allow himself to be fully known, and Taurus is no exception to the rule.

What are the things that only one Taurus can understand?

1. When you ask your friends for advice, they will ask you, “Why? You already know what to do.” to stay.

2. When you are jealous, no one knows better than you to hide this. You will act as if nothing has happened and nothing will affect you, but when you get home you will break everything you find on the tables.

3. People think you’re very pessimistic, but in fact, you’re just realistic. You don’t see the full side of the glass, because you see how the whiskey ends and you will soon need more.

4. You don’t understand why people accept something that isn’t perfect. You can be invited to a party, but if it’s not going to be incredible, you’d rather not leave. In addition, you can stay home and live every moment of your life to the fullest.

5. Almost no one can live up to your expectations. But when someone tells you they can’t do something, you won’t make them feel bad at all.

6. People don’t understand how you can be so independent.

You know you don’t need anyone, which is great, but often this leads to the formation of a private island that not everyone can enter.

7. People think you’re a stone sheepfold, but in fact, the shell you have is to hide your feelings and secrets.

When someone meets you, you are like an emotional city. You don’t seem to feel anything for anyone, and nothing stands in your way. But, your soul is gentle, only do not reveal this side of yours to anyone.

8. If someone makes a mistake, you will never forget and forgive. Once you have been betrayed, the door to your heart will be locked with 60 padlocks, and you and that person will end it forever.

You want to forgive and forget, but those locks are doing their job now.

9. You can’t imagine not giving something to someone who needs it, even if it’s all you have. You’re the first one to take money out of your pocket when someone asks you to, even if you’re hunting for discounts the rest of the time.

10. Your friends know that when you find out a secret, a secret will remain. You may be offered anything, but when it comes to information that doesn’t concern you, you’ll never be gossipy.

11. You are the definition of the person who does not have time for love. You can find a place for an admirer or partner in your life, but it must be perfect and the situation must be convenient for you, otherwise, you do not need a relationship.

12. Once you have something in mind, you will not let anyone or anything get you out of the way, although sometimes you should. Don’t forget that your knee hurts if you signed up for that annual marathon that you always run and you will do it now!

13. If anyone needs you, you will only run there. Your boyfriend is calling you at night because he needs a shoulder to cry on, you’ll be on his way right away!

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