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5 signs that fear love

The idea of ​​finding the love of your life or your soul mate is full of romance!

But the whole process can be quite frightening because love disappointments are a formidable threat. It is not uncommon for people to run away from love for fear of being hurt. For example, some avoid getting involved in serious relationships or remain in lifeless relationships. Others consider love to be irrational, fleeting, a waste of energy, or just for teenagers.

Loving a person, whether you like it or not, makes you quite vulnerable, and some signs have more problems in this regard than others.

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What are the signs that fear loves the most?

1. Gemini

You are a libertine sign, who likes to live his life to the fullest, without wanting to settle in a certain place forever.

You like to keep your options open and a relationship really scares you because it threatens your life principles. Moreover, you will constantly wonder if that is the right person for you. You also worry that you might lose interest in the person you think you are in love with.

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2. Cancer

You are afraid of love because you do not want to feel unappreciated. You give your heart to the tray when you love and you are afraid of getting indifferent instead. You are afraid of the consequences that may come with a love that is not mutual.

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3. Virgo

Your desire for perfection keeps you from realizing how worthy you are of love.

You are looking for partners who are not emotionally available or lost because they are alone for you. You’re so scared to get involved in a relationship with someone who really deserves it, because you’re constantly grinding at the thought that you don’t deserve it.

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4. Scorpio

The thing you are most afraid of, even more than betrayal and trust in the wrong person, is discovery. You expect others to be 100% honest and open with you at all times, but you only show them what you want them to see. You present yourself as friendly and open, but in reality, you are reserved and very secretive. Some consider you mysterious and even right.

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Even though you look calm and cold, you hide so many feelings. What your partners never realize is that they will never really know you. You are afraid of love because you are afraid to show your true self to the wrong person. When you open up, you want it to be for life. You share your secrets, your thoughts, your feelings, your past, and who you really are with just one person.

5. Sagittarius

You are afraid of love because you are afraid that you will get bored or that you will be boring for someone else. You constantly want passion and emotion and you think that the routine that comes with love will rob you of these benefits.

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You are forever alone, not only because you are afraid of the commonplace, but also because you feel you have to keep your freedom. You can’t sit still for too long and run away when you feel too close to a person.

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