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All About Astral Twins: Same Date, But Different Personalities

Are you an astronaut? You’ve probably known people over time who were born in the same sign as you, but you’re extremely different from them.

Or you may have met someone with the same date of birth as you, or you may even have a twin brother with a very different personality from yours.

How can you be so different from someone who has the same zodiac sign, the same birthday, or who is your twin?

You have the same sign

If you have the same zodiac sign, it means that you were born under the same Sun, but that does not mean that you are the same. A birth chart gives a picture of the positions of the planets and houses at the time you were born. There are thousands of possible positions in a natal chart, so having the same Sun sign doesn’t mean you have other things in common.

What can you say about the position of the moon? What about the ascendant? In what house was the Sun when you were born and in conjunction with which planets? These are just some of the details that can make your birth chart different from theirs.

In the natal chart, the Sun represents your inner self, your true personality, so finding a person with the same sign can be helpful in terms of compatibility with it. It simply does not mean that you are like that person, but that you can better understand yourself. The ascendant also reveals your outer self to you. Mercury shows you the style of communication, and the Moon how you express your feelings. All this can be found at different points. The inner self is similar, but the outer depends on so many things.

You have the same date of birth

If you were born on the same day, it means that the Sun is in the same position, but that’s all. If it’s the same date, but the year is different, then everything may be different. Relationships between people born on the same day may be stronger than relationships between people born under the same zodiac sign.

This is because the Sun is in the same position in the zodiac, so both people do the same when it comes to the natal Sun. If you have the same date of birth and were born in the same year, the natal chart is probably strikingly similar when it comes to the positions of the planets. The houses on the birth chart depending on the time and place of birth, so if you were not born at the same time and place, your homes will be different. Having different houses can completely change the way the planets work. An Aries born with the Sun in the 3rd house will be very different from an Aries with the Sun in the 12th house!

You have a twin

You must have the same day, year, place, and time of birth for the astrograms to be exactly the same. The twin astrograms of twins can be quite different precisely because it is not possible for twins to be born at the same time.

The greater the time difference, the more their homes will change. There are 12 houses in a birth chart, each representing different parts of life and personality. All houses move very fast through all 12 signs in one day, so each house spends only two hours a day in a single sign. Even if you were born just minutes away, your homes will be different. You may even have different zodiac signs if you were born on a day when a planet changes its sign.

So, in reality, the only way two people can have the same birth chart is for them to be born on the same date, in the same place, and at exactly the same time. If by absurdity, you are this rare exception, we return to the first point, namely that each astrological position has multiple ways of expressing itself.

If you do not have a twin, you probably have different families, you will go to different schools, you will have different friends and you will be exposed to completely different experiences. These are the things that determine how you express yourself. On the other hand, while twins will have the same family, they are often not treated the same. They can go to different classes, have different friends, and have other experiences that will guide them in how they express themselves.

All About Astral Twins: Same Date, But Different Personalities

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