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The Most Melancholy 5 Signs. Are You One Of Them?

They are sensitive, serious, and exaggerate with criticism of them!

Even if someone who is melancholy may be depressed, it is not always a matter of clinical depression. People who are melancholy are sensitive, self-critical, serious, and often misunderstood.

These states can also be part of their personality, and if we consider astrology, there are some signs that are more prone to melancholy.

If you are an optimistic person, it can be a challenge for you to have a melancholy partner. Some people do anything to deceive their partner or induce a positive mood, but this does not always work.

What are the most melancholy signs?



The things that a Virgin likes indicate a melancholy personality, and these refer to those who are in their place, calm and quality. In other words, he prefers order in this chaotic world.

Virgo does not look at things that have no real value, she tends not to be attracted to something or someone that is just cute. He needs a substance to support him. She enjoys going out and being with other people, but she only feels very comfortable with herself. He has no desperate need to be around others.


Scorpio takes his relationship very seriously. He prefers to know someone on a deeper level than to have an occasional relationship. He is introspective and often feels misunderstood. He is proud of himself and his achievements. He doesn’t like to hide his trophies, awards or diplomas.

In fact, he will honor them so that everyone can see them. He has definite moods that can worsen if he feels overwhelmed or his life becomes too complicated.


Pisces are sensitive and tend to feel things on an extremely deep level. They have simple tastes and know what they like and don’t like. This is especially true when it comes to art, because they like shapes and colors. They can be easily hurt and live in the past, wondering what went wrong and what they could have done better. They may have trouble making decisions because they feel they have to weigh every option, which can actually paralyze them.



Cancer feels so many things and doesn’t have enough time to handle them all. His sensitivity may indicate a melancholy personality. Cancer can suddenly start crying over commercials, romantic comedies, or hearing a beautiful song. Due to his sensitivity or intuition, he is able to socialize very easily with other people. He understands the people in front of him because he can put himself in their shoes.


Capricorn prefers to be his own boss and work alone. Working alone, he has absolute control over the project in which he is involved and does not have to depend on others to do his job well.

He is very attentive to detail and pursues perfection. He may become so absorbed in work that he will not know what is going on around him. And he’s not happy about it just because he’s done, he wants to do a good job!

The Most Melancholy 5 Signs. Are You One Of Them?

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