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Submissive Women Of The Zodiac: 5 Signs That Give Up Control Of The Partner

In love relationships, there are two types of people: those who love to take control of plans and situations and those who prefer to step back and let things happen!

The terms for these two situations are domination and submission. Astrology can tell us a lot about how people behave in relationships. Some zodiac signs know exactly what they want in love, and that sometimes means giving up their power and allowing the other to take the lead.

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What are the signs of submissive women in love?



When it comes to relationships, the Taurus woman is not as dominant as the other signs. She prefers to indulge in the luxury that relationships offer, whether it’s material or emotional pleasures. Of course, this does not mean that she is not strong, because she is! Obedience in her case means that she is more passive in the relationship and allows her partner to control small details, such as where she would like to eat or when she should go to an event.

She’s incredibly patient.


The Gemini woman hates making decisions, especially in relationships. Therefore, you will rarely see her in a dominant role. She adapts easily and sometimes does too much to please people, so it is common for her to rely on her partner to make important decisions. In fact, her obedience helps to stop her nervousness and anxiety, which are common in her case, who are constantly worried about what others think of her. However, the Gemini native has two personalities, so she may occasionally dominate the relationship.

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The Virgo woman is quite shy, which contributes to her desire to be passive in a relationship. She is extremely critical of herself, so she prefers to have her partner in control of various aspects of the relationship because she feels that he could be better than her.

Virgo also chooses to be submissive because she thinks it is the best way to show how loyal she is.

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The Libra woman focuses on the idea of ​​fairness and equality, so she wants dynamic changes in her relationship. Because she is very diplomatic, she will let her partner assume the dominant role for a while and wait her turn to take over. Although the role of the subject in the relationship is not something she prefers, you will surely see her from time to time that she lets her partner make certain decisions, after which she imposes herself.

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The Pisces woman is attracted to the idea of ​​making her partner feel dominated and loved. She lets him make important decisions and lead because this is her way of proving that she loves him. Because she is quite indecisive and compassionate, she wants to please those around her emotionally and physically. But everything happens in moderation!

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Submissive Women Of The Zodiac: 5 Signs That Give Up Control Of The Partner

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