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The 12 Most Disastrous Couples In The Zodiac

Have you ever had a relationship involving your body and soul, but it just didn’t work out?

We would all like to know in advance if our relationship will work out, so we can avoid all the suffering caused by a breakup. Well, astrology can help us!

What are the most incompatible zodiac signs?

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Aries and Taurus

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Aries and Taurus are two very stubborn signs, so they will not understand each other at all. Moreover, Taurus will constantly want to know where their relationship is, which will annoy Aries to the utmost. When it is clear that their relationship is coming to an end, Aries will want to disappear unseen, while Taurus will ask for explanation after explanation.

Taurus and Sagittarius

There are times when Taurus wants a quiet evening at home, but Sagittarius always wants to go out and do something fun. Sagittarius also likes psychological games, but Taurus doesn’t find them fun at all.

Taurus can’t cope with Sagittarius because he doesn’t take things seriously at all.

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Gemini and Capricorn

The twins are known for their desire for fun and socializing, and Capricorn is very hardworking and likes to plan every detail of his life. This is the recipe for disaster! The Capricorn is not spontaneous at all and does not let himself be carried away by the wave, and the Geminis will get frustrated quite quickly because of this.

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Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer likes to spend most of his time at home, and Aquarius is a free spirit. Cancer also does not tolerate the fact that Aquarius corrects him or draws his attention to the mistakes he makes, he needs someone who is completely devoted to him and who loves him as he is.

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Leo and Scorpio

Scorpio does not compliment or praise anyone, but everyone knows that this is exactly what a Leo is looking for. Moreover, Leo likes to flirt and be the center of attention, and Scorpio can become jealous.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

None of these signs really want to dedicate themselves to the relationship. Sagittarius is too indifferent and does not consider how his actions can hurt others, according to Virgo. He disappears and reappears after a long time, which a Virgin will not tolerate.

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Libra and Virgo

Virgo tends to be very critical of Libra, which makes the latter doubt herself. The virgin must be right all the time and she is so practical and upright that she drives Libra crazy.

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Scorpio and Aries

Both signs are explosive, intense and combative, so their relationship is impossible. They are also stubborn, they want to have absolute control and reach the top, so they will fight head to head all the time.

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Sagittarius and Capricorn

Capricorn does not give Sagittarius the freedom to have fun. Also, there is absolutely no sexual chemistry between the two signs.

Capricorn can be a good business partner for Sagittarius, but certainly not a love affair.

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Fish and Virgo

Pisces are very dreamy and sensitive, and Virgo is practical and very anchored in reality. Yes, the opposite can happen, but not in this case. Even if they can’t form a loving couple, they can be lifelong friends.

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Aquarius and Taurus

These signs cannot communicate effectively. Taurus is in constant competition to get where he wants to go, which will make Aquarius unwilling to get involved. Aquarius also has free-thinking and is more bohemian, while Taurus is more materialistic and conservative.

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Gemini and Cancer

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The twins like to go to parties and socialize with everyone, but Cancer prefers to stay home. But if they both looked at things with a more sense of humor and if the Gemini had more patience with Cancer, then things might work out for them.

They are not the most disastrous couple, but they will be challenged.

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The 12 Most Disastrous Couples In The Zodiac

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