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5 signs dependent on social networks

Do you constantly check all your social media apps and can’t live without Facebook or Instagram? If so, then it’s an addiction!

You are dependent on social networks if:


  • You always have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter open
  • Constantly check the flow of your or other people’s pages
  • The first thing you do in the morning is check your social media accounts

There are some people who take this addiction to another level, making it a serious problem. Astrology can help us figure out who they are based on their zodiac sign:


Gemini is very sociable in real life, so why not be sociable online? They usually check all their social networks from the early hours of the morning, but also during the day.

They like to share things, especially political, humanitarian and music. The twins love dialogue and discussion and talk about everything they love.


Scorpio is in a constant ambush and loves to know what is going on in the lives of others. Instead, he is very discreet when it comes to his own life. If you want to know something about him, you have to be very lucky. His social media accounts will not reveal much to you, but he will surely investigate you and know almost everything about you.


Leo is known for his desire to be in the spotlight. So what would be the best way to focus your attention? Social media! Leo is a master at posting the most successful selfies, magical moments in his life and travels, culinary delights, but also the latest shopping. Leo’s stories are captivating and that’s why he has a lot of followers. However, from time to time he gets tired and announces that he is retiring.

But he usually returns quickly because he can’t bear not to show others how fabulous his life is.


Libra has all the pages and sites that interest him open. He is the kind of person who checks his ex-partner on social networks quite often, if not every day. The reason for this is the need for validation. She wants to know that her ex’s life is not as fantastic as hers.


Sagittarius is a regular social media user.

All his posts are carefully chosen to put him in the best possible light. He distributes many things and they all aim to get something, an answer. His posts are questions and comments on others’ posts. Social media is like a job for him.

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