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The word that best describes your biggest fear, depending on your sign

Every zodiac sign has a hidden fear that it would like to forget, but which comes to the surface in times of vulnerability.

Fear of closeness, abandonment, commitment… we are all afraid of something, but we are so different that we cannot guess exactly the fears of our best friend or partner. As simple as it sounds, this helps us get to know a person and communicate more effectively with them.

When you know what a person is afraid of, you better understand their emotions and behavioral patterns. Astrology claims that it understands the fears of each zodiac sign, depending on its characteristics. Here is the word that best defines the things you fear in life.



Your biggest fear is that you will be abandoned by the people you love. That’s why you often regret acting impulsively and trying to fix things so that you keep your relationships intact. Past partners may have exacerbated your fear.



You are so loyal and dedicated to your loved ones that you would suffer greatly if they betrayed you. People constantly disappoint you and, unlike others, you cannot detach yourself, you cannot forget the injustices you are subjected to.



You are one of the most open and sociable zodiac signs. For you, connections are everything. Openness to people and experiences helps you learn new things about the world you live in, and that means being truly LIVING to yourself. You are most afraid of isolation, which often leads to depression.



Whether it’s a breakup or even sadder circumstances, you only get a knot in your throat when you think you might lose a loved one. You become very attached to the people in your life, because they are your support system.



You hate to stagnate, to get involved in relationships or projects that lead nowhere, that don’t help you evolve. Your routine seems unbearable when it does you no good.



You have a very well-developed conservation instinct, you are organized and you know how to put things right so that you feel good. But when you lose control, you fear that you will destroy yourself, and self-sabotage without realizing it. In most cases, however, you manage to gather on time.



You are a cheerful and positive person, who longs for harmony and balance. Therefore, you are afraid of any context that could cause you suffering. Whether it’s an argument with a friend or a loved one, negative emotions overwhelm you and you can hardly get together. That’s why you generally prefer to deny emotional issues.



Although you are an intense person, able to give love and affection, to dedicate yourself to your partner and friends, making commitments scares you at first, especially if you do not know that you can trust that person.



Anything that keeps you from embarking on new adventures of self-discovery scares you. You need the unpredictable, you need to know that you can always take your backpack and explore. Without this certainty, it is difficult for you to breathe normally. That’s why routine is so toxic to you.



You are one of the most ambitious zodiac signs, so it is normal to be afraid of failure. You are completely dedicated to your projects, you come up with new ideas and you put them into practice without a hitch. The only thing that can discourage you is the fear of failure, so you have to believe in your dream to the end.



You are a man with an unconventional thinking, often difficult to understand. And even if you give the impression that you don’t care about the opinion of others, you are secretly afraid that people will reject you, that they will not accept you in their group. You are independent, but you need connections.



You tend to isolate yourself, although loneliness is the saddest scenario for you. You would wholeheartedly want to be understood, to be able to express your emotions without being judged, to maintain deep emotional relationships with those around you. Because you are capable of a lot of affection.

The word that best describes your biggest fear, depending on your sign

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