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What the Universe tells you in April, depending on your zodiac sign

April is rich in astral events, which will have a powerful influence on our lives. The universe prepares us for change and sends us positive messages every day that lift us above our own fears and helplessness.

We may not see them clearly during this troubled time, but they are there and entering us in unsuspected ways. The full moon, a flowering tree branch, a rain of stars, are all messages from the Cosmos that tell us that things are about to settle in our lives.

April brings on the 8th Supermoon, the Pink Moon or the Moon of the Sprouted Grass, which connects us with our deeper spiritual side and brings to light those healing emotions that we all carry in our subconscious. Positive thoughts and actions bring good energy into our lives, protect us from shadows and dangers, and make us look around with love.

Venus in Gemini helps love to spread and brings harmony in our relationships, even though Mars in Aquarius sometimes puts us to the test. On April 11, Mercury will enter the ram, inflaming our speeches and making us speak from the heart to those who ask for our advice or help. The meteor shower takes place between April 16 and 25, with a maximum on the night of April 22 to 23. Make a wish tonight and the stars will help you reach it. Even if the Sun in Taurus makes you stubborn, it also brings you great perseverance, while the retrograde Pluto of April 25th helps you get a little out of the realm of exacerbated materiality and return to the really important things.

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What a message the Universe is sending you in April


The universe urges you to shed light on your relationships, to analyze what your role is in certain groups and in family or friendship ties. It’s time to dump her and move on. Many will seek your help in the near future, but in order to be truly wise, you need to know yourself better and take responsibility for your own actions.

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If you want to take action in your own hands, you need plans that are more effective and tailored to the present than the ones you have relied on so far. Accept, first of all, that you can’t control everything and learn to focus on the things that you can really change. If you let your mind wander everywhere, you will feel more and more helpless and burdened. The message of the Universe is that some things work without you, but you have to let go and focus on the ones that are within your reach.

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the Twins

The universe tells you that it is the time of reconciliation in your case, in which you must purify yourself of resentments towards certain people, of the conviction that you have been wronged and of the sufferings that keep you captive in the past. With spring, you need to open your soul and let fresh air into the room of your thoughts. Evaluate the lessons you have learned from those around you and accept that the people you consider hostile or who have done something wrong to you have also brought you the most important parables of life.

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Learn to be more organized and take more care of yourself, this is the cosmic message for your zodiac sign. It is time to heal from procrastination and avoid important things, because you risk getting stuck and not realizing your full potential. Examine the problems of your present life with maturity and realism and draw up your plans step by step, without trying to solve everything like a charm. Patience is a lasting lesson that will transform your life.

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Certain negative energies can occur between you and those around you or your co-workers. You feel that others are blocking you in your endeavors and hindering your potential. The message of the Universe is that you must free yourself from this deception and realize that the only person who stands in your way is you. Only when you accept this truth and discover its subtle ramifications can you truly set out in search of your ideals. Demonstrate responsibility, patience and maturity, and the Universe will reward your efforts.

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It’s time to dump her and move on. The universe tells you that you need to focus on yourself, your health, and your loved ones, because only with a steady foundation can you move toward important goals. The feeling of blockage and lack of perspective that you have during this period can be, in fact, a message from the divinity that you need to find your roots and energy sources. Simplify things first, if you want to find your way back and overcome the emotional obstacles.

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You feel that some personal projects have slowed down, due to your difficulties in regaining your initial enthusiasm. The message of the Universe may surprise you: what you lack is not enthusiasm, but the careful and firm awareness of all the details you need to solve and the efforts you need to make to reach your goal. You don’t have an overview, so you can’t go any further. In order to smooth your outer path, you must first unlock your emotions, define more realistic expectations, and bring more discipline into your life. Anchor yourself more now than ever meditate on past mistakes.

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You don’t know how to solve certain family or work problems that seem to be invading you right now. You tend to leave everything behind and retreat to a place where nothing can touch you. The universe tells you to look ahead and accept that what is blocking you is your fear of the future, the anxiety that is getting stronger, if ignored. Talk to people you trust, ask for advice and heal your soul wounds, only then will you be able to bring order and meaning to your life.

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The universe tells you that it is time to take certain things more seriously, even if your tendency is to ignore them, approach them superficially, or get over them. Deep problems are not solved if you leave them locked in a dark room, but they turn and become stronger and stronger. Accept that there is a part of your soul that you do not know enough about and try to let the light into these dark corners. Take responsibility for your own mistakes, reconcile with your failures, and change what needs to be changed if you want to achieve your dreams.

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The universe urges you to take action and not leave things in the lurch, for fear of acting. Leverage your talents and knowledge, focus on the important things, and discipline your impulsiveness if you want to have a sense of accomplishment and achieve your dream well-being. Free yourself from unrealistic expectations and chart a path as simple as possible, without the constant fears that you will not be able to do what you dream. Take things step by step and use the opportunities that the Universe brings you to give consistency to your plans.

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You have a lot of great ideas during this period, but you have the feeling that they are slipping through your fingers and you are not able to shape them. You start one thing, then you start another, and you can’t finish anything, and from one day to the next, feelings of frustration and failure build up. The universe sends you a key message: choose a single idea, not the most beautiful or the greatest, but the one that is as close to reality as possible. Make it your first test and invest time and energy only in this simple idea, give it life, then contemplate the gratitude it has brought. This way you have built the first real step on which you can build the building of your dreams.

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It’s time to build a strategy, to gather your playful mind in one place and to make a passage between fantasy and reality. This is the secret message of the Universe for you and you will fully understand it if you have made a habit of escaping from the world in your own imagination, letting your thoughts fly without being able to gather them again. It is essential to define a precise goal and to avoid haste, but also excessive procrastination. It may take a sacrifice for your dreams, so sing carefully what you are willing to give up in order to fulfill your mission.

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What the Universe tells you in April, depending on your zodiac sign

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