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Insecure Girlfriend? Read These 7 Signs Of An Insecure Girlfriend

There can be a number of reasons for your girlfriend to be insecure. It is usually that boys are more insecure in a relationship but there are girls too, who are insecure. It can be for various reasons like you both have shared intimate relations too early and who is vulnerable will be insecure or it can even be because you are very active socially. As in any relationship, the first thing that comes is security, so it is sometimes for a girl to feel insecure when she is deeply in love. But if this happens to an extent it may irritate a person. But how to understand that your girlfriend is insecure it may happen that she might not show it or you may not understand those signs of insecurities, so here are 7 signs of an insecure girlfriend.

1. She keeps a check on your call history, social accounts, and your whereabouts:

As soon as you meet, she asks for your phone and starts checking everything from your call history to the inbox, social accounts and if it so, she is insecure. Does she call you and keep questioning about where you are and with whom you are? She tries to check in wherever you go and with whom you are hanging out with. If this happens, it is a sign of an insecure girlfriend, it means you have an insecure girlfriend.

2. She wants to control you and everything around you:

Don’t go there, don’t hang out with them or stop doing this, that, is all these that you get to hear from your girlfriend, like why this t-shirt, why these shoes if so she is insecure, it is a sign of insecure girlfriend who wants to control her boyfriend and everything around him.

3. She wants to be the only one in your life:

Does she get upset when you spend time with your family or friends? Does she make you feel like thinking only about her and no one else if so, she has that insecurity inside her and wants to rule your life? She behaves like she is your world and you don’t have anyone outside it, she wants to be the only person in your life. And when that happens you need to take a healthy step

4. She is too jealous:

No matter whether you are hanging out with your friends she feels too jealous and your bond with your friends bothers her too much. If she sees a picture of yours with a girl she gets mad. And when all these happens it is a sign that you have an insecure girlfriend.

5. She wants attention and wants you to affirm her always:

She will try her best to gain all kinds of attention she wants. She wants you to focus on her and only her, all your attention should reach her. Every single moment she will try to ask for your love, even after telling her many times about it that you love her, she comes to you with the same question like do you really love me? When she does this continuously it means she is insecure and hardly trusts you. It is one of the signs of an insecure girlfriend.

6. She overreacts in every situation:

Overly drama, overreacting to every single issue, every single situation is what an insecure girlfriend does. She overreacts in every small situation just to seek attention, just to make her boyfriend guilty. It is one of the signs of an insecure girlfriend.

7. She is clingy:

She will keep on calling you, texting you every single minute asking every single detail of what you are doing. She is emotionally dependent on you, she is too clingy. When she becomes too clingy she is insecure and it is one of the signs of an Insecure girlfriend.

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