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5 Struggles To Be Around Someone Who Falls In Love Easily

Have you been around someone who falls in love easily? If so, do you think it was a really good experience as it is not? People usually come across who knows how to change a girlfriend or boyfriend like clothes and they termed it as they have fallen in love. But it is so, sometimes it really gets irritating to hear to that same story but you realize the co-actor has changed. Let’s point out the struggles of people who are around someone who falls in love easily. Here are 5 struggles that you face when you are around someone who falls in love easily.

1. You are surprised as to how they can move so fast in a relationship:

You are trying to console them about their recent breakup but suddenly you see them coming with someone new and introducing them to you as their new partner. You are thinking, how fast and easily they have moved on. It is kind of irritating to be around someone who falls in love easily. Because they surprise you by their quick move before you can even realize it.

2. You are shocked by their choice of people:

You may be happy seeing your friends or close ones in love but then you realize the kind of people they have fallen in love with. When a person falls in love too fast they tend to accept or approach anyone and everyone and this restricts them to understand what they really want in a relationship. It really shocks you as to how and with whom they have fallen in love with.

3. You are worried about them as to how they are wasting their time but they are not even ready to listen to you:

There are not in a serious relationship as the tendency to fall for someone new doesn’t allow them to do so. And you are worried about them as they matter to you and you know they are wasting their precious time on someone who is temporary, who is meant only for a few moments. It just hits you up all the time but when you approach them taking this topic they behave like they don’t need you in this matter.

4. You feel frustrated as the way they give reasons when they are with someone new:

The way they give reasons as to why they are with someone really irritates you. And you can’t help it because they are someone you are close with.

5. You want to help them but you cannot do anything about it:

You cannot do anything about it because it is their nature and they are not willing to listen to you in any way. And it is one of the struggles you face when you are around someone who falls in love easily.

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