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What kind of mother you will be according to your zodiac sign

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You have probably thought (maybe if your own mother is driving you crazy): I am not going to be “that” type of mother.

But when you become a mother, things change very quickly. Find out what kind of mother you are or will be here.


Hello, warrior mom! Because the Aries mother does everything with a wild, unmistakable style, you rush headlong into parenthood and are determined to achieve your personal goal in life.

Ruled by glowing Mars, Aries approaches everything in life as if going into battle – alive, vigilant, and intent on winning it.

Motherhood is not for wimps, and it’s a good thing you never fit that description.

There is a diva in every Aries woman, and your confidence never lets you down for long – even if that diva happens to have a milk stain on her Fendi jacket or bits of ritz in her hair.

The strangest thing about motherhood, especially in the early years, is the experience of someone else being totally dependent on you.

Aries is one of the most self-determined signs of the zodiac, and it is easy for you to put your own needs first.

But putting another person’s goals above your own – and a little person at that?

Well, that requires some adjustment. No matter how much you admire your little cutie, one thing is clear: They are two different and separate human beings.

In all fairness, for the most part, that’s a healthy attitude. Although you may have been guilty of expecting too much independence from your children, you are a good role model for this very quality.

Aries never asks permission to be himself or to pursue goals. You are not a martyr mother!


The bull is the original “mullet mom” – in front the shop, in the back the party.

Some days you lead with a stern demeanor that scares your child of God, the traffic, and weird strangers.

But once you’ve made sure everyone is safe, it’s time to party!

The Taurus mother is picky and, yes, downright rigid on some important issues. There’s an old-fashioned girl inside every Taurus, and you just won’t give in to some of your standards.

But behind this austere facade hides an uncouth nature goddess who is refreshingly down-to-earth.

You are the mother who might force your children to stay in Sunday school into adulthood, but also let them attend a home birth or ride a motorcycle when they are twelve.

The Taurus is the savior of the zodiac and a smart donor. They believe in the return on investment.

So if you devote years of your life to raising a child, expect to be recognized for it!

They will raise your children to be manners, to respect authority, and, if possible, to idolize you.

Even if you hope to be close to your children, you are not going to sacrifice respect to be their best friend.

As long as your children don’t embarrass you in public, violate one of your core values, or simply don’t respect you, there shouldn’t be any problems. Easy enough right?

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Oh, to be a mother with many personalities – complex and sometimes even contradicting, but certainly never boring.

This is the way of the twin mom, who is ruled by the twins. Varied and eclectic, let your family guess what to say or do next.

It never gets boring under your roof – even if some family members would like to take a break from time to time!

Since your standards can change without notice, your austerity will be tempered by a bold move to the contrary.

You’ll go through the ingredients list for your baby detergent, but take the child to a jazz club or raise them in a smog-ridden city.

Let’s be honest: you can’t help but contradict yourself sometimes.

Although the twins have a reputation for being light-hearted and elusive, they can actually be quite fearful.

Your sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, so your brain just never shuts off.

As a result of this spiritual energy, you may be the most eccentric mother in the house – or the most opinionated. Hey, your maternal instinct is a unique brew.

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As the sign that rules everything maternal, you are the supreme mother of the zodiac. For most Cancer women, maternal instincts are firmly anchored in their cosmic DNA.

From an early age, you’ve looked after friends, siblings, dolls, pets, and anyone who needed a maternal touch.

Some zodiac signs have ambivalent attitudes towards children, but most Cancer women feel that they were born for this task.

You are the mother who could have a home birth, train as a doula and breastfeed her child for as long as she pleases.

Your fourth house of motherhood is ruled by the balanced, beauty-loving Libra, the sign of relationships.

This gives you an idealistic attitude towards family – and a flair for creating a nice, cozy home.

Your relationship with your children is very important to you and you will likely be their confidante for life.

Becoming a mother has healthy effects on your social life. Since Cancers can be a bit shy or reserved beforehand, your kids are the perfect excuse to chat with other parents.

Your budding social circle could be filled with the mothers of your children’s friends or with families you meet on kindergarten trips, on the parents’ council, and on your children’s sports teams.

Talking about your children is a quiet time to test people out before deciding whether they deserve your trust.

When you hear their views on education, discipline, eating restrictions, and the like, you will get a good idea of ​​their values ​​and whether they are compatible with your own.

Over time, you will open up and talk more about yourself with some of them so that a real friendship can develop.

Inviting someone into your home is often a real sign of trust. There are no random (play) dates in your household. Not everyone comes to the shrine of a cancer!

Can you be a bit of a snob? Yes. But Cancers are real friends, whose ties over time become as close as those of family.

You don’t let people into your world so easily, but once they’re in, they’re in.

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Light, camera, go! The creative and dramatic Leo mom leaves her signature wherever it appears.

Parenthood to you, Leo, is the ultimate personal expression – a job you put your heart and soul into.

Leo mothers tend to lend a hand and meddle in every aspect of their children’s lives.

They take pride in raising able, successful people who grow up and make great things in the world.

While you are by no means a mean mother, Leo, you can be very strict about your claims.

You are hard to follow because you tend to achieve a lot.

They are very demanding of themselves (and they are easy to meet) so you may not realize if you are pressuring your children too much.

Or maybe you do. And as your child grows into a successful doctor, lawyer, businessman, artist, or whatever, they will thank you.

Well worth the investment! In addition, your innate aspirations can benefit everyone and give your family access to exclusive schools, art programs, and elite summer camps

Nothing can change your mind while on a mission, and even if your children are the exact opposite of you in terms of career, lifestyle, or beliefs, you will still have played an important role in raising them.

Not that you don’t work as hard as you play.

Giving gifts is a big event, and you shine in that area. Perhaps some people think that you are spoiling your children.

For you, gifts are a kind of recognition that you know someone and that you took the time to find something nice to show it off.

But don’t forget to teach them how to hunt and support themselves.

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Sincere / free spirited mother. The Virgo mother is a strange mixture of opposites

In some ways, motherhood accommodates your orderly Virgo tendencies by giving you an excuse to plan, direct, and control.

The privacy intrusions that come with kids, not to mention the land grabbing of your intellectual time, well, let’s face it: the rewards don’t always outweigh the loss.

Her fourth house of motherhood is ruled by Sagittarius, the sign of travel, adventure, wisdom, and the higher spirit.

This bohemian effect balances out your anxiety and tunnel vision.

It helps you see the big picture and trust that your children will develop well.

Sagittarius is an advisor, and his influence on your horoscope makes you even more susceptible to being a walking mothers search engine in your circle of friends.

It also awakens your humorous and philosophical side and helps you see motherhood as a great adventure.

While some women suddenly feel “old” and burdened with the responsibility of being a mother, your children can cheer you up.

But if there is anything you can learn as a mother, it’s how to break down your self-critical tendencies and give yourself a well-deserved break.

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Are you familiar with the elusive “balance” that Libra, the sign of the swinging Libra, is always looking for?

Motherhood could be exactly what helps you to find your focus and get you out of the chaos you have caused and into the calm “eye of the storm”.

Well, at least some days. Born under a lazy zodiac sign that is known to like to postpone something and smell every single rose (not that there is anything wrong with that), you as a mother suddenly become organized and even downright Type A

Children give you the perfect excuse to do just that. Organizing your life around the organization of your life is a habit that you adopt like a mermaid to the water.

They love all of the stereotypical outfits of childhood – from oversized dollhouses and trucks to lavish tea parties and railroad tracks.

When your children are young, your well-appointed living room may be littered with tasteful toys.

Libras are in no hurry and you have the ability to really be in the moment with your kids.

They enjoy their antics and are in love with their quirks and questions – love to spend hours explaining why the sky is blue or helping them pinpoint the exact location of the sky when a goldfish dies

In this regard, Libra mothers are role models for their children’s self-care: they dress well and won’t let themselves go just because they have a baby.

They also make sure that your kids are as well equipped as you would like and dress them up in adorable chic outfits.

Sometimes you are also a little vain and make your kids part of your personal vanity project.

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The Scorpio mother is a magnetic mother – a strange mix of quirky and controlling, inspiring and intimidating.

Depending on your mood, your children may cling to you – or run away from your anger.

Not that you would ever turn all the anger on her. A “death look” from a Scorpio mother is enough to keep a stubborn child in check.

You protect your children with irrepressible will and strength. Most scorpions become mothers quickly.

After all, you are an emotional watermark and your caring qualities come naturally. Although Scorpios are slow to warm up to the rest of the world, your child will melt your limits in no time.

Soon it will no longer be difficult to attach yourself to the child, but to let go of them.

In the meantime, however, you will work hard to make sure that your child’s life is carefully planned.

Scorpio rules the eighth house of the zodiac, which represents wealth, joint ventures, and long-term finances.

Financial security is extremely important to you, and as a mom, you work all the harder to keep it safe for your children.

Life with Scorpio mothers can be a grueling game of chess, but the queen trumps everything in the end.

Scorpio is one of the most intuitive (and even clairvoyant) members of the zodiac, and you tend to trust your own inner guidance system faithfully. After all, it rarely leads you astray.

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As the freest spirit in the zodiac, parenting is an interesting shift for you.

Spontaneous Sagittarius live in the moment and act on impulses and instincts. They value their independence, and this new level of continuity can feel unreal.

Who, you – a discipliner? An authority figure? Parenthood is a major lifestyle change for this zodiac sign.

While you can be wonderful with children and treat them like real people instead of patronizing them, children also require a lot of time and energy.

Your lifestyle, where you get everything done right now and see how we do later, is just no longer enough.

Even if you can plan well, your own life may already be packed with appointments.

Now you need to incorporate someone else’s needs and demands into this active routine.

Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of plenty and abundance, tend to become overly engaged (and work to the point of exhaustion) or to avoid commitments altogether.

They are known to shoot first and then ask questions

That daring spirit is a double-edged sword when it comes to motherhood. On the one hand, your spontaneity makes life fun.

And you can organize an impromptu vacation or slumber party like no other mom.

Are you repainting the kitchen for the ninth time? Give your child a paintbrush and small bucket of paint and let them paint a corner.

The bonus: You promote a sense of leadership qualities, develop skills and enjoy the feeling of having successfully completed a joint project. Remember, your children just want to be with their mother, to feel close and connected to her.

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Who is your papa, uh, your mom? Since Capricorn is the “father” sign of the zodiac, this brings an interesting twist to your parenting style.

In stereotypical terms, you may be the father rather than the mother – or both parents in one person.

Not that you didn’t have a sentimental or feminine side, but Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn, the strict disciplinarian associated with authority, masculinity, and structure.

You are not afraid to set boundaries or teach necessary lessons to your children.

You want to be close to your children, but you don’t necessarily have to be best friends.

A hierarchy based on age is fine with you. As a traditional zodiac sign, you respect your own parents (even if you don’t like them) and can be quite conventional.

You’re more of a badass mom who gives strict lectures and gives stiff hugs.

You may not be the most affectionate person and prefer to show your devotion through actions rather than affection.

How this works depends very much on your own upbringing.

Capricorns tend to be “old souls” who play dutiful soldiers in their families and keep many of their feelings to themselves.

Your own childhood may have been marked by tough experiences or great responsibilities that weighed on your little shoulders

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The Aquarian mother is a strange character who cannot be pigeonholed. You are loving and yet distant, strict and yet spontaneous, the gentlest control freak in the world.

You’re a Pollyanna who rides a unicorn and sings about rainbows and sunbeams, and yet you can be the most vicious cynic in the neighborhood.

Organized chaos is their specialty and your parenting style can change without notice.

Life with an Aquarian mother can range from adventurous to crazy, but it’s never boring.

You view your existence as a great journey and you want your children to experience a magical world – one that sprung from your vivid imagination – for as long as possible. Their ruling planet is the unconventional Uranus, which has been associated with emotional distance, rebellion, and surprise.

“Expect the unexpected” could be your parenting motto, at least until you find your way around.

Aquarians are known to be uncomfortable with intimacy – they are the sign of loose relationships and friendship, so you feel more comfortable longing for the world, not just a small person.

So one of the biggest surprises of motherhood is the depth of emotions it can evoke. One minute you may be crying soulfully, the next you put on your playing face and become as iron as a basketball coach in the last thirty seconds of the playoffs.

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Hello mermaid mom! Pisces mother is a seductive siren and earth mother in one glamorous package.

You love locking your family in a cozy but luxurious bubble, and chances are you have a well-equipped home and wardrobe to match.

Even in sweatpants, you usually look well-groomed and ready for your close-up. Fortunately, you radiate enough warmth to charm rather than intimidate other mothers

Even if you can be demanding about your tastes, your door is always open to the world.

The watery fish are the final sign of the zodiac. They are empathic and ethereal, spiritual and sensitive, wise and emotionally intelligent.

You know how to treat yourself like a goddess – and you will encourage the mothers around you to do the same.

The Pisces mother has her quirks, and lots of them. Your heart is always in the right place – even when your head isn’t.

Enchanting vacations, trips, excursions – you can come up with these ideas in your sleep. Will they be decadent or disastrous

You will find out when you do.

You may be a little too revealing, embarrassing your children as they get older, or unsettling them with the unpredictable changes and lack of structure.

Since you hate being told what to do and when, you may find it difficult to get your child to sleep and eat regularly, or to give them the consistency children crave.

It is best to have a partner, grandparent, or caregiver help you through these routines if you feel oppressed by this aspect of parenting.

However, your children always know that you stand behind them and there is no sacrifice you would not make for their happiness.

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