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How the opposite signs influence the circle of the zodiac

On the wheel of the zodiac, the astral signs stand face to face, opposite two by two.

Opposite zodiac signs form strong relationships with each other and are constantly influencing each other.

Opposite zodiac signs make friends with each other, love each other, but also hate each other. The connection between them is strong and can have benefits for life. Many astrologers claim that in the opposite sign we can find our soul mate. Others claim that partners in opposite signs love each other with unparalleled passion and never break up.

But there are also situations in which the natives of opposite signs reject and hate each other, even if they have nothing to share. Certainly, the two zodiac signs facing each other influence each other and each receives something of value from the other.

Opposite signs of the European zodiac. Find out what your opposite is!

Aries and Libra

In the circle of the zodiac, the first pair of opposite signs consists of Aries and Libra . The first sign has the sign of Fire, and the second the sign of Air. Fire feeds on Air, nor could it burn without the energy with which it feeds the air. So there is a relationship of strong influence on the part of Libra, from which Aries has nothing to gain. In fact, the most stable couples are those in which the man is Libra and the woman is Aries, because they will keep the passion burning for a lifetime and will shape each other.

From Libra, Aries learns to be balanced, to make logical arguments in debates, to cooperate on all levels and to respect clear and simple principles of life. From Aries, Libra learns to accept new ideas and to be optimistic, to put more soul into everything she does.

Taurus and Scorpio

The two zodiac signs facing each other on the wheel of the zodiac have signs of Earth and Water, respectively. To a certain extent, the earth and the water merge, blend harmoniously, but the result is not very stable over time. And if the native of the sign of Water, that is, Scorpio, has a much stronger personality, Taurus will not stand to be dominated. Taurus and Scorpio can have a wonderful life together, if they know how to balance.

From Scorpio, the Taurus native learns to be honest and not accept compromises that would denigrate him. From Taurus, the native Scorpio learns to be tenacious and patient. In love, there is a great compatibility between the two signs, but it is not the most lasting relationship. The good news is that Taurus never hides his feelings, and Scorpio will be delighted to receive his proof of love.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Between Gemini and Sagittarius is a spectacular combination of Air and Fire. Everything must be superlative for the two signs to be happy together: passion, adventure, mystery, travel, but also freedom. Neither of them can bear to be constrained, dominated, forced to take responsibility for the other. It does not support people who depend on them in any way, much less sentimentally. And yet, each learns something from the other.

From Sagittarius, the native of Gemini learns to conform to social rules and to look at the things around him as a whole. From Gemini, the Sagittarius native learns to take the initiative and to communicate better with those around him. The good news is that they both think the same way, they have the same priorities, only Sagittarius is more idealistic and Gemini more pragmatic.

Cancer and Capricorn

On the wheel of the zodiac, the sign of Cancer is opposite to that of Capricorn, and between the two signs develop, perhaps, the strongest opposition relations. If other opposite signs are attracted, these two are rejected. The two are like the mouse and the cat, like the Sun and the Moon. Nothing comes out of them together. It is true that water and Earth sometimes combine harmoniously, but not in the case of the two. The natives of these zodiac signs, regardless of their romance, only manage to tease, be ambitious, and to compete. And yet, each has something to learn from the other.

From Capricorn, Cancer learns to be more objective and more responsible with his loved ones, given that he is quite selfish. On the other hand, from Cancer the Capricorn native learns to be more devoted to the family, knowing that the Capricorn natives are more oriented towards career and personal passions, than towards the family.

What do the opposite signs receive from each other!

Leo and Aquarius

The two opposite signs combine very harmoniously, and many sincere friendships and deep passions are born between Lions and Aquarius. They both cherish love, loyalty, friendship, and generosity. They have many common principles of life and admire each other. A couple of Leo men and Aquarius women are close to the ideal family. Both partners are positive, empathetic, generous and full of energy. They both have brilliant personalities, but they know how to accept someone like them.

From Aquarius, the native Leo learns to respect public opinion and not to fall prey to extremism. From Leo, Aquarius learns to have more confidence in himself and to share with others. They support each other, encourage each other and do their best to make each other climb as high as possible. Aquarius can always find his soul mate in the sign of Leo.

Virgo and Pisces

The two signs, although opposite on the wheel of the zodiac, get along well. Both are equally ambitious, but both know how to open their hearts when loved ones need them. Virgo is a sign of Earth, dominated by Mercury, so she is more pragmatic and orderly. Pisces are more whimsical, more idealistic, but they have a golden soul, which fascinates Virgos. From Pisces, the native Virgin learns compassion and help those close to her in need.

From Virgo, the Pisces native learns to make plans for the future and to focus on priorities. However, both are equally introverted and secretive, and together they form a strong pair, which no one on the outside can destroy. They have the same interests, even if they seem different at first glance!

How the opposite signs influence the circle of the zodiac

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