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These are the 5 most toxic pairs of zodiac signs

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Sometimes you don’t go together as well as you initially thought: These pairs of zodiac signs are simply poison for one another

These couples are pure poison for each other

Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are both guided by their emotions , but they express them in different ways . While Scorpios are sometimes carefree with their feelings, Pisces always act very prudently and considerate. Their different traits cause problems, especially when the Pisces needs their freedom , but the Scorpio feels neglected .

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Virgo and Gemini

These two are absolute opposites : Virgos are realists and Gemini are dreamers . While Virgos usually set realistic goals, Gemini would like to conquer the whole world and do not think about whether and how they will achieve their desires at all. Virgos do most of the work in a partnership – for which they resent the Gemini .

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Sagittarius and Cancer

Cancerians and Sagittarius usually don’t have much in common . Cancers are very attached to their homeland and prefer to spend their time with their loved ones. Sagittarius, on the other hand, are looking for adventure and want to try out as many new things as possible. The different characteristics of the two zodiac signs often lead to misunderstandings and although both know that the relationship isn’t really working, they stay together because they care about the other.

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Libra and Taurus

These two zodiac signs are too similar : They are both very headstrong, structured and have a weakness for romance. However, the Libra feels controlled by the obvious loyalty of the Taurus and the constant need for harmony of the Libra bothers the stubborn Taurus. When these two have a discussion, there is usually a heated argument because neither of the two is willing to compromise .

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Leo and Cancer

Although these two zodiac signs are naturally drawn to each other , their relationship is not harmonious. On the one hand, this is very frustrating for Leo, because they want to feel safe in a relationship, but on the other hand, it is also bad for Cancer because they want a deep connection with their partner. These disagreements mean that the relationship is stormy at best, but downright terrible at worst. Both talk past each other and suppress their feelings , so that unresolved aggression builds up over time .

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