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How Signs React When They Fall In Love

When they fall in love, each sign tries to show it differently. Some hire a plane with a banner that makes it very large to fly over the house of their love and others keep it so deep that someone would have to put a truth serum on them so that they will end up telling it.


When Aries falls in love, Aries has almost no appetite, does not stop thinking about the other person, smiles as if they were foolish, and remembers each look and each conversation over and over again. Read and reread messages and conversations on WhatsApp … He is euphoric and does not stop still, he is happy, and both outside and inside you can see it. Less kilos, more smiles … And less anger.


He stops complying with his routines, well he actually parks them to the side, and he becomes much more flexible, his life made sense but now he has it much more marked. He smiles more, he is less stubborn, he is able to listen and give in, and he will re-analyze his entire life. In Taurus you can see that he is less responsible, more unconcerned about nonsense, and also happier. He wants to enjoy the moment. His head and what he does are focused on the new love.


Gemini feels different and it shows, everyone notices it. He is more attractive, his smile is kilometers long and when someone talks to him about it, he gets nervous and even flushed. If it is true love, Geminis have less desire to go out and be with other people. All that time socializing with the world is used to focus on that special someone …


Cancer spends the day thinking about the other person or looking for moments to be with them. He idealizes her to the point of exhaustion, and feels like dying of pleasure for having been chosen by her. All his illusions about having an ideal relationship suddenly have a goal and Cancer is the only thing he sees. The bad, the flaws, the ugliest reality, you don’t see that. Not now.


Leo spends more hours in front of the mirror, looks for more time what kind of clothes to wear, continually thinks of plans and details to surprise his love … Life is an ideal scenario in which he gets high with his love and that everyone sees how happy it’s Leo. You cannot be happier. He dies of happiness when he is in love, and the rest, good or bad, no longer matters so much.


In the imagination of Virgo, with how little fanciful it is, reality begins to mix with illusions, facts with fantasies, and Virgo’s head is spinning. Everything is new. You like the feeling that there is someone in your present and perhaps your future. He likes a lot. And think of some details to let the other person know. Think about everything a lot.


Libra gets a little off when falling in love. Well, the first thing is that he does not fully recognize that he has fallen in love. That is the latest. But when “that” happens, if the rest of us ask ourselves questions, you can already imagine Libra . He drowns in them. It is a walking doubt. Although no one notices anything. Analyze every word, every moment; you need to know if the other person feels. If the other person feels the same to really be sure of everything.


For Scorpio, when love knocks on his door, an eternal question begins to haunt his head every day: why didn’t he meet that person before? He feels so much that he would have liked to start earlier. And from the reserve it goes to the absolute demonstration (well, not absolute), but it is another person, another person other than the one the world is used to seeing, and the looks are more hypnotic than ever. As if he wanted to possess the other person with them.


Sagittarius when they love says it, tells it, shows it, despite the fact that they often want to bite their tongue. If someone does not notice it, it is because he is asleep because that face that Sagi has and that smile from ear to ear wherever he goes, gives him away. Because he wants to, of course. It is a very sure sign of itself and it has no problem showing what it feels, but all in good time, it does not advertise it on television either. And it will always prove more than your words can say.


In addition to being more nervous than usual and also sweeter, in Capri a great curiosity about the other person is triggered when they have fallen in love. He wants to know everything about her, including her defects, which coincidentally, and no matter how many she may have, do not turn her back. If Capri has fallen in love, she wants everything, flaws included. Better to know it from the beginning than to be surprised later.


Aquarius is very noticeable when he feels something. He rebels so much against love and any of its symptoms that what he does is draw even more attention to himself while trying not to notice anything. So it is easy to see him nervous, getting red in front of that person or faster than normal. Although he also has minutes of silence while he thinks quickly what he should or should not say … He usually measures his words out of fear … But only at the beginning …


With Pisces there may be all kinds of manifestations or there may be none. He may show you that he loves you madly, or he may seem like he doesn’t want to know anything about love. It will be necessary to see how safe he feels because as he is not sure he withdraws to the limit and you do not know what he feels, or what he thinks, or what he suffers, or where he is. If you get carried away, your eyes can be very telling. They are more dreamy and beautiful than ever. They shine with their own light and the best thing is that they dazzle everyone.

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