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Why Does It Cost You To Maintain A Relationship For A Long Time According To Your Sign

Is there something wrong with me? Am I wrong? When you go from one relationship to another you are faced with a lot of questions. Suddenly, you may feel guilty, because no matter how much you want the bond, it doesn’t stay. They seem like instant emotions that with the passage of time disappear and it hurts. It hurts because no one likes to end with a broken heart and less to break someone else’s, why is it so hard for you to maintain a long-term relationship?

1.- Aries

The point is that there are times when you feel that life is like that caress that the wind gives you suddenly, it feels good, but then the feeling disappears and you return to reality. Sometimes, you feel that no matter how hard you try, you cannot succeed with someone and you get bored easily. You need a person who is willing to go at your pace, someone who will keep you interested. A couple that not only takes you by the hand for your crazy things, that invites you to do theirs.

2.- Taurus

The problem is, your stubbornness isn’t always good company. Let’s say that there is a part of you that enjoys hunting, you like to make an effort and give your all during the conquest, but what happens afterwards? When the desired person is at your feet, you begin to lose the spark that caught you at the beginning. You get into a kind of routine and that’s when everything falls apart. Many times you stay with the person because you do not have the heart to say goodbye, although you know deep down that you are not happy.

3.- Gemini

A blaze of emotions, Gemini is so changeable that even he himself is not in control of what he is going to want in a little while. You are a person who when you surrender to love you do it like in fairy tales, without fear and with the idea of ​​ending with a happy ending. The problem is that you don’t always set your eyes on the right person, there are times when you fall in love with those who just want to hang out. Yes, their love may be genuine but they are far from thinking of anything formal.

4.- Cancer

To love? Despite the fact that you are one of the most loving signs of the zodiac, it is difficult for you to give yourself completely. Perhaps they can be confused because you are extremely attentive when someone matters to you. Because your heart is full of kindness and you don’t think twice when it comes to helping. But from there to being true love, there is a very big gap. Sometimes, you do not last in relationships because when you start to lose control of your emotions you run away, a part of you is terrified of happiness and that it ends badly.

5.- Leo

The point is that you are too independent, too hardworking and if we add to that that you also shine too much, it is somewhat difficult for someone to tolerate so much pressure. The problem with your long-term relationships is that you are very demanding, your expectations changed from the first of your breakups, and you are no longer willing to be a handkerchief. You give up because you do not tolerate arguments and the first few you leave.

6.- Virgo

A commitment? In the case of Virgo we enter a constant duality, because we are really talking about a very dedicated sign, who does not play games and does like long-term relationships. The problem is that he is not always ready for them, because his priorities are many, he is such an intelligent, independent and active sign, that many times he decides better to be single. Virgo is practical and there are times when he prefers not to deal with the drama. So not right now, but thank you.

7.- Libra

Libra is the soul that costs a lot to fall in love because it is an extremely indecisive sign, when you least think it already wants something else. However, he does believe in love, he does like to surrender, but there is something that prevents him from feeling satisfied, that is when he begins to make excuses to finish. Let’s say that at first it is fun because you are fighting for something that you cannot have, but after the person gets at your feet, it is no longer so attractive. Libra struggles a bit with drama and stability.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpio thinks about it twenty times before giving his heart, because he is very emotional and is not ready to deal with someone who does not understand his way of thinking. Suddenly, he is busy with his family, his dreams, home, work, travel. Let’s say you have priorities that you are not willing to drop for someone who is not worth it. They may call them cold because if you want to leave they will open the door for you. Scorpio does not beg, because he knows well what he wants and for a love he is not going to collapse.

9.- Sagittarius

Did someone say long term relationship? The truth is that Sagittarius is like a leaf falling from a tree, it simply lets itself be carried away and that life places it where it needs to be. He is not someone who demands commitment, on the contrary, he values ​​when his free soul is understood. He is a thinker, crazy and funny, he feels that he has the perfect youth to enjoy and then think about something more serious. Let’s say that many times you end relationships to try new lips, better than to be unfaithful.

10.- Capricorn

If there is someone who is a square of the zodiac , without a doubt, we are talking about the Capricorn mentality, it is a sign that demands to be told if everything is okay, as many times as necessary. However, you are afraid of long-term relationships, because you are terrified of being wrong, you are too perfectionist and you do not want to end up giving everything to the wrong person. That is why he prefers to flee, it is much easier than ending up with a broken heart.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius can love you with all his heart, you can be that special person, he can have fun as a child by your side, but that does not mean that his freedom is left aside, on the contrary, it is a sign that when he feels ties he starts to run. Few people understand the way Aquarius loves, he is distant, it is difficult for him to express his affection in an exaggerated way, but when he values ​​a person he shows him that he will be there when he needs it most. Aquarius feels pressured with the idea of ​​commitment.

12.- Pisces

Although many believe that as one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces is willing to sink into the arms of commitment, this is not always the case. There are times when they think too much, they are not sure if they are idealizing the person or if it is really worth being together. Suddenly it becomes an internal demand, wants to answer all your questions and finds no way out. Pisces ends up sabotaging the relationship and is left with the uncertainty of whether or not he did the right thing.

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