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Things That Each Sign Does And Mean More Than One I Love You

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Loving is much more than saying those three words. ‘ I love you  can be hidden in the warmth of a cup of coffee, in the way they give you a warm kiss on the forehead, in the slow caress that runs from head to toe. There are things that scream that you are the best thing that has happened to that person even if they do not say it. The signs of the zodiac say it in each breath, just pay attention to the details. Loving is much more, it is that feeling that does not understand reasons, languages, distances, it is simply embracing the soul of the other when they do this. These with the things that each sign does and mean more than I love you :

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1.- Aries

Aries is the sign that doesn’t need to send a message every day saying that it loves you. He prefers to demonstrate it in the risk he takes by surrendering. He is not patient, he wants the whole world to know that you are the right person, so he is not afraid to surprise you in the middle of the crowd. When Aries loves he does not hide anything, he believes in what he feels and simply lets himself go. Aries is the person who will take you by the hand to take you to the most magical places, those that remain in your memory.

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2.- Taurus

Taurus is the one who shows that he loves when he focuses on the well-being of the person, he really wants you to have everything you need. Taurus desperately tells you how much he loves you when he asks you if you have eaten already, if you came home or if you have a craving . It is the type of partner that becomes a coat, does not let go of you in your worst moments and is able to remind you that you are a valuable person in every way. Taurus gets very stubborn when it comes to pleasing you, that’s how he loves.

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3.- Gemini

Gemini is the person who puts everything aside when someone they love needs it. It really doesn’t matter how busy his schedule is, he puts you first. Despite the fact that it is a changing sign and that their emotions are up and down, when they fall in love they are not afraid to invite you to be part of their magical way of seeing life. Gemini will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations , because they truly believe that when the person is worthwhile, you can change.

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4.- Cancer

Cancer is the person who exudes love in every pore. A being so luminous that the only thing that radiates is affection. When you are sure of your feelings for another person, you will do whatever it takes to protect them. It is part of their nature to be sweet, attentive and a little passionate . Cancer is the one who prepares an unexpected trip, invites you to that place that you told him one day. Pay attention to details, this is how he shows his love, he wants to see you smile and does not give up until he does.

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5.- Leo

Leo can be the most independent and impulsive person, when necessary. However, when it comes to giving your heart your sweet side takes over the moment. It is synonymous with warmth and affection, when you love someone you care and do what you can to help. Leo is the type of couple who wants to see their loved one fly, so they admire and inspire him. They may be shy many times, because they are afraid of not being reciprocated, but once they feel safe they love passionately. Leo is the one who dances with you in the storm if necessary.

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6.- Virgo

Virgo is such a perfectionist that when he loves he also does it in an orderly way. They are the type of partner who can make an endless list of reasons why they love you. I mean those pretty lists, with hearts and lots of colors. Virgo loves you when he caresses your hair, loses in the color of your eyes and applauds your intelligence . He is the one who falls in love with ingenuity. Also take into account the bad, because Virgo falls in love with your dark side, that’s where he shows you that his love is genuine.

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Libra cannot hide when he loves with all his heart, even if he seems cold deep down he melts for the other. He is changeable, but when he falls in love he does it with a single person, he has no eyes for anyone else. Libra loves you when they show you their admiration, when they want you to feel safe and respected. Libra makes it clear that he does not want to be with anyone else, that he has found his other half and that you have become the most important being in his life. Libra wants to see you improve, there is his love.

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8- Scorpio

Scorpio is the person who finds it difficult to say that he loves, despite being very emotional because he has a lot of insecurities, he is terrified of ending up with the wrong person. Scorpio can be a bit contradictory, because he wants to hide that you have become the owner of his thoughts. However, he shows you that he loves you with his loyalty, confirming that you are the most important thing in his life. He tells you that he loves you when he assures that he has never done something like this for someone before, believe him because he is not lying.

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9.- Sagittarius

Sagittarius is so discreet when it comes to love, that you may feel insecure because he is not capable of shouting from the rooftops that he cannot do enough for you. It is the type of partner who fills you with energy, who wants you to be well and enjoy yourself. Sagittarius loves you when it invites you to appreciate how much you are worth and what life has in store for you. He may be wild and impulsive at times, but he just wants to make it clear that he can do anything to make you happy. He is an adventurous soul, his way of loving always changes.

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10.- Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that dares when it loves, when it feels safe, it is very patient to wait for the right person. He likes to be cautious when it comes to engaging emotions, but he shows you his love when he makes a commitment, the moment he puts you on his priority list. Capricorn wants more than pretty words, he wants time and affection. Feeling that your effort is worth it and that you have found much more than a partner, someone who is not afraid to jump into the ring, while you are by your side.

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11.- Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the most genuine hearts in the entire zodiac, it may take a lot of work to show their sensitive side, they are of few words and, for the same reason, they may seem distant, but they have a humanitarian and supportive side, which the perfect couple. Aquarius does not invade your space, it respects it, but it also makes it clear that it will be there when you need it most, it is your head defender, it will not let anyone hurt you and it will collect your tears if necessary.

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12.- Pisces

Pisces is the sign that at first is reserved, he does not like to tell his sorrows to anyone, he is very meticulous in that regard, so you will realize that he loves you when you start to be part of his deepest conversations . It is a creative and dreamy sign, but sometimes you are terrified of feeling judged. If he has the confidence to talk to you, it is because he cares about you, he wants you to be part of everything that is in his head, that is when he implicitly tells you that you are an important piece in his life.

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