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Why Does It Scare You To Open Your Heart To A New Love

The brave are those who dare to immerse themselves in what they call love. Those who are not scared when the chills run through their skin. When conversations become endless, when phrases, songs, and poetry begin to make sense. But there is also the other side of the coin, those whose hands sweat and their legs shake because love is terrifying . Why are you so scared to open your heart to a new love?

1.- Aries

Aries is always in a hurry, somehow your life is already done. You like to stick with the routine, but every now and then add a dash of adrenaline and boost to everything you do. However, when it comes to opening your heart, you overthink it, you don’t want to lose focus on what you already consider important in your life. Your goals are clear and many times you feel that falling in love is counterproductive.

2.- Taurus

Taurus, you are the one who always puts things in a balance, you are terrified of losing stability. You are one of those who enjoy a calm life, for some it can be synonymous with boredom, but you prefer a thousand times to know where you are standing before setting yourself adrift. It is difficult for you to open your heart to a new love because there are still ghosts from your past , you do not want to start when you have not completely finished. You want to feel like you are the right person.

3.- Gemini

Gemini you are fickle, life hypnotizes you when it offers you something that makes your heart beat like there is no tomorrow. You are the type of person who connects on a deep level, who has the sensitivity to reach those deep thoughts that no one has touched me. However, when commitment shows up, you get a little scared. You are not sure if you are ready to have something so formal and you hate ties.

4.- Cancer

Cancer you know that sometimes life has not introduced you to the right loves. Sometimes the breakup scares you more than all the shock that falling in love is capable of in your days. It scares you to open your heart because in the past you have been paid in the worst way , when you trusted the most, when you believed that you were the right person and right at the peak of happiness they let you go, leaving an anguish that still accompanies you.

5.- Leo

Neither black nor white, Leo, what scares you about opening your heart again is knowing that it can end in a negative relationship or the perfect wedding. You are a sign that does not play games, when it is necessary to show your face you show it without hesitation. However, showing your vulnerable side makes you enter a fight of confusion. How do you know if you really are the right person? The uncertainty can make you run away, you want to but there is a part of you that does not let you.

6.- Virgo

Virgo you really are a determined being, when you like someone you may throw yourself into the ring, as long as you analyze everything carefully. You are not the type of person who enjoys the unpredictable, so when you fall in love you enter a cluster of thoughts that even you do not understand. You start to feel beautiful things and you want to withdraw, because you don’t want to end up with your heart broken and not being able to control it.

7.- Libra

Libra you are a complicated sign from the side that you see yourself, sometimes very emotional and other times too rational. The problem is that you never really know for sure how you are going to react to love. You may have that desire to end up next to a person that you can hold by the hand over the years. But you don’t want to stress out either, you know that love has led you to do crazy things and you don’t want to lose your balance.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpios now prefer to take meticulous steps, the kind that honor silence, because life has taught you that the best loves can also become the worst pains. Relationships from the past have left scars that remind you of why you shouldn’t jump in with your eyes closed. There are insecurities that you have to work on before starting a new relationship , you have to believe in yourself again and let go of those ghosts.

9.- Sagittarius

A minute of silence for all those loves that you have released. And it is not that they are bad, it is just that sometimes they ask you too much, so much that you feel like they are cutting your wings. Actually, you prefer to say no, because you are not ready for such a formal relationship . You are more afraid of ending up breaking a soul, than the state of your heart. You are not sure if you are the homebody and dedicated person that the other is looking for because you love the taste of freedom.

10.- Capricorn

A pause and we continue moving forward. This is how you have decided to lead your life in the last loves. And it is not that you are scared to open your heart again, what you do not want is to end up taking refuge in the wrong arms just because you are not ready to deal with your loneliness. You worry that history repeats itself, that you are in a relationship only out of habit, because you want to shut your mouths and not listen to what is in yours. You are much more than a mask.

11.- Aquarius

Aquarius, life has shown you that you cannot always trust the other. That is why you prefer to question everything before daring to show your emotional side. It scares you to open your heart to a new love because you are not sure of dealing with the ups and downs, it distresses you to know that at a certain moment the fairy tale is going to collapse and that is when you will want to run away. That is why you prefer to continue betting on your singleness, you do not have a hurry.

12.- Pisces

Pisces may be the sweetest person, but it takes a lot of time and facts to be sure that everything is going to be okay. When it comes to opening your heart to a new love, you may walk away because your insecurities are present . So you want something to confirm that it is really worth taking that step. Pisces can take time to take the step, but once it does, get ready because it is one of those loves that will not let go of you.

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